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  • Pygooglechart 0.4.0

    Google Chart is a free public API that lets developers send statistical data to the Google servers which aggregate and present it as a beautiful chart/graph.pygooglechart is a Python library that allows developers to create these kind of charts using

  • Pyflot 0.2

    Flot is an advanced chart plotting library that uses the jQuery framework to draw and embed graphs on a Web page.PyFlot allows developers to embed Flot-generated charts and graphs in Python-powered apps and websites. Requirements:· simplejson 2.

  • Pyqrcode 0.0.9

    QR codes (Quick Response) are a specific matrix barcode readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.PyQRCode is a smart QR code generator that can automatically determine and use the proper QR code encoding, format and size.It supports

  • Pyrrd 0.1.0

    Allows developers to interact with an RRDTool installation via executable Python code.The entire library was written following OOP principles and is full of useful features for drawing graphs and/or statistical data via RRDTool's graphic capabilities

  • Django Chartit 0.1

    Django Chartit uses the JavaScript lirbary HighchartsJS do plot out the graphs.It reads data from Django models and renders them as charts in the resulted web page. Here are some key features of "Django Chartit":· Plot charts from models.·

  • Python-qrcode 2.7

    QR codes (Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones.Python Imaging Library (PIL) is used to generate QR codes.The information encoded can be any kind of data, from binary, alphanumeric to

  • Googlegantt 0.6.1

    The resulted Gantt charts can be shared with users in an image format or via a link. Here are some key features of "googlegantt":· Flexible chart width and height.· Specify task colors using CSS rules.· Flexibly specify dates using dat

  • Qrkit 0.1.0

    QR codes are a 2D symbol that can be scanned by hand terminals such as mobile phones with CCD.qrkit is actually a binding for the libqrencode library. Can be used to ouput data as a QR code image. Requirements:· Cython· Python Imaging Libra

  • Altgraph 0.10.2

    Inspired from graphviz, it can be used for constructing graphs, BFS and DFS traversals, topological sort, shortest paths, etc.. Here are some key features of "altgraph":Modules:· altgraph — A Python Graph Library· altgraph.Graph — Basic

  • Rdf Graph Minimisation 0.1.8

    For the interaction between Python and RDF files, the rdflib library is needed, along with some customizations. Requirements:· rdflib

  • Charty 0.1.0

    It generates bar, line and pie charts.It supports customizing height, width, data, CSS file name and other option parameters to the constructor and then call the output method to write the SVG to a file.Every SVG node is classed explicitly and these

  • Pyofc2 0.1.5dev

    To generate Flash charts, the library generates JSON data that can be interpreted by the Open Flash Chart Flash library. Here are some key features of "pyOFC2":Area Charts:· Area Hollow Chart· Area Line ChartBar Charts:· Bar Chart·

  • Apgl 0.7.3

    It can create and modify user defined and/or random generated graphs, find shortest paths, and can write graphs to Pajek files for visualization. Here are some key features of "APGL":· Write to Pajek, and simple CSV files· Some machine lear

  • Svg.charts 2.0.9

    This is a port of the SVG::Graph Ruby package.The package produces SVG charts and graphs from Python data sets. What's New in This Release: · Corrected buggy logic in y-axis label rendering.· Converted to Unix line endings.

  • Pycha 0.6.0

    Drawing charts is done using the Cairo library.Pycha is based on Plotr which is based on PlotKit. Both libraries are written in JavaScript and are great for client web programming.Porting that library to Python made this library the optimum tool to d

  • Graphy 1.0

    It leverages the Google Charts API to produce its graphs.

  • Chaco 4.1.0

    It works fine with simple scripts with hard-coded data to large plotting programs with complex data interrelationships and a multitude of interactive tools.While Chaco generates attractive static plots for publication and presentation, it also works

  • Html-graphs (python) 4.8

    The admin can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc.No graphics or graphical libraries are required for this chart generating library. Requirements:· Python 2.4 or higher What's New in This

  • Microfi Pyplot 0.1b

    Microfi PyPlot is an easy-to-use function plotter. It is completely open-source, so you can edit it as you feel necessary. The main goal of this project is to provide a clean interface for school teachers and students that want to study math.

  • Biggles 1.6.4

    Biggles is a Python module that allows you to publish 2D scientific plots. Its features includ a high-level interface, a simple TeX interpreter, and multiple image output formats. Requirements:· libplot.dll (tested version from plotutils-2.

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