• Decanter

    Bottle is a fast and simple Python WSGI framework developed to help build smart small Web applications.It is a well-known tool in the Python community, with quite a large following of its own. Here are some key features of "Decanter":

  • Argvard 0.3.0

    Argvard was inspired by other similar tools like Flask and docopt. Argvard supports positional arguments, options and commands. What's New in This Release:

  • Pico 1.3.0

    Pico allows Python developers access to a light framework that lets them use their technologies in building Python-based apps, but provides a solid base on which to start.Pico's main advantage and difference from other similar Python frameworks is it

  • Propeller 0.1.6

    Propeller works pretty fast and makes good use of another well-known Python technology, Jinja2.At its core it's merely a simple HTTP requests manipulation tool, leaving the likes of an MVC infrastructure, forms handling or routing systems up to the d

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