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  • Tuspy 0.2.1

    The tuspy library is an unofficial client for the Resumable File Uploads protocol.tuspy shows developers how to implement a simple file upload system which can be stopped and resumed in real-time, whenever needed.The tuspy client can also be utilized

  • Poster 0.8.1

    The modules in the Python standard library do not provide a way to upload large files via HTTP without having to load the entire file into a memory slot at first.Poster provides support for both streaming POST requests as well as multi-part/form-data

  • Deform 0.9.7

    The design of deform was inspired by the formish form generation library.It differs from formish mostly in ways that make the implementation simpler and smaller.Deform uses Colander as a schema library, Peppercorn as a form control deserialization li

  • Using Pycurl To Automate Filling Out Web Forms 1.0

    Using pycurl to automate filling out web forms script allows you to automate the webform filling out. Requirements:· libcurl· pycurl

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