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  • Anthrax 0.0.6

    Anthrax allows developers to quickly and simply build forms in Python without complicated coding and countless validation rules.The library automates most of this process by providing ready-made functions to be used in quickly prototyping the desired

  • Pythondropboxuploader

    Dropbox is an online file synchronization and backup service.This script will allow users to submit files to Dropbox via a simple web form.Script based on Dropbox Uploader.

  • Formulation 1.0.2 / 1.0.5b

    Relies on Django's advanced templating capabilities for setting up a form structure and rendering the fields on the front-end.The module can be used with any type of forms, nut just  plain ol' contact pages. Requirements:· Django What's New

  • Formly 0.4.2

    Formly is the module of choice when needing dynamic, ever-changing form layouts.Perfect for surveys, multi-purpose contact forms, online tests, and more.Forms built with formly can be non-linear. This means formly analyzes provided answers and redire

  • Formalize 0.1.4

    It supports all form fields, required fields and data type processing. What's New in This Release: · Allowed multiple, independent validators to be applied for the same source field.

  • Formencode 1.2.6

    It validates and converts nested structures, allowing a declarative form of defining the validation processes.The validation can be used separately from the form generation.The validation works on compound data structures, with all parts being nestab

  • Formprocess 0.4.3

    The basic rules and schema the library follows are these.The user is prompted with a form filled with defaults.The user fills out and submits the form.If there were errors then the form is redisplayed with the defaults and errors.If there were not er

  • Formulator 1.11.3

    Formulator is a Zope product that facilitates the creation of webforms, and the subsequent validation and conversion of user input. Formulator extends Zope with a form object to which fields can be added. A variety of form fields are supplied, allowi

  • Pyformmail

    PyFormMail is a simple form to email script made with Python. This is a basic script, but you can customize it with ease and it has many options. This script has a built in page for setting itself up. In less than 10 minutes, you could get

  • Schedule Maker 1.2

    This CGI program is designed to create schedules once given valid information on a form. It is not designed to look pretty but tests the ability to combine custom modules in different sized projects. It has minimal functionality but gets its job done

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