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  • Ionic Backup

    Ionic Backup was designed to be an alternative to Dropbox, without having to trust an online service with your files.It works with only two files. One for the server where data will be backed up, and one for the client from where files originate.Ioni

  • Testtube 0.0.1

    Testtube is only for developers who test their code.It watches a folder for changes to Python files.When a change is detected, test suites are run automatically.This helps the developer simply switch view and already see the results of his tests inst

  • Publiforge 0.6

    PubliForge provides a web interface for managing and publishing multimedia files. Here are some key features of "PubliForge":· Local storage publishing with Mercurial and Apache· Documentation generation· Users management· Organiz

  • Bz2file 0.95

    Can be used in read/write bzip2 operations. Here are some key features of "Bz2file":· Supports multi-stream files.· Can read from/write to any file-like object.· Added methods: peek(), read1(), readinto(), fileno(), readable(), writabl

  • Odfpy 0.9.5

    The library will prevent programmers from creating invalid documents, by providing an easy to use and format compliant API.It checks to raise an exception if the programmer adds an invalid element, adds an attribute unknown to the grammar, forgets to

  • Filelocker 2.4.5

    It safely shares file between users at an organization, or other person. Here are some key features of "Filelocker":· Send encrypted messages securely.· Retrieve user information from many sources with an extensible plugin system.· Aud

  • Simpledropbox 0.2.2

    This library can be used for listing, adding, renaming and deleting files in a Dropbox account.The library will work only after proper authentication.SimpleDropbox handles the authentication process for the user.This library utilizes Dropbox’s

  • Pdfme 0.3.5

    It can also extract pages and metadata. Requirements:· pyPDF 1.13 or higher

  • Ezodf 0.2.1

    The module can extract, modify, add or delete document data. Requirements:· Python lxml module· Python 3.1 or higher What's New in This Release: · Added basic spreadsheet support.· Spreadsheet: added sheet, row, column and cell ma

  • Tarstream 0.1

    It provides an incremental approach to unzipping files.This allows to extract a little bit of a file at a time, showing a report progress as a file extracts.

  • Pyarrfs 0.7.2

    RAR archives are read as if they were just normal files and directories.PyarrFS owes technically to FUSE and rarfile. Limitations:· Please do note how this application depends on a non-standard version of rarfile

  • Pyspread 0.2.0

    It's greatest feature is accepting a pure Python expression in spreadsheet cells.Instead of spreadsheet formulas, Python expressions are entered into the spreadsheet cells.Each expression returns a Python object that can be accessed from other cells.

  • Pyservices 0.1.dev_r37

    Developers can easily deploy and consume services available on the web. Here are some key features of "PyServices":· Easy way to create/consume webservices· The power of Python, It's Plataform Independent· Adobe AMF, based on PyAMF pro

  • Pycdio 0.17

    This library offers CD-ROM reading and control to Python programs, in an OS and device-agnostic manner.

  • Pypi2rpm 0.6.3

    The script can be used to create a RPM out of a PyPI project.

  • Downpy 1.2

    The script parses a page and downloads every file of a certain type in a web page.This tool was built to use along with Filebuster. Here are some key features of "Downpy":Available extensions:· audio: .mp3, .ogg, .mp4a, .wma, .aac· video: .

  • Odfit 0.6.2

    It can retrieve metadata like names, content, uncompressed size, and modification times of archive members.The checksum is calculated, and basic filetype detection performed on each.For each member determined to contain UTF-8 text, the lines in the f

  • Pathtags 0.9.2

    File meta-data is kept in the filesystem itself.

  • Nosier 1.1

    It's recommended for running scripts upon changes to a file.Any number of paths may be monitored and directories will be recursively monitored.Whitelists and blacklists are supported.By default an initial command run is performed but this can be turn

  • Python-archive 0.2

    For now, only archive extraction is supported. Here are some key features of "python-archive":Formats:· Zip formats and equivalents: .zip, .egg, .jar.· Tar and compressed tar formats: .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2, .tz2.

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