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  • Mailpile 0.1.0

    Mailpile is what email should be these days. No ads, no NSA intrusions, private, fast and well-organized. Unfortunately email is not like this everywhere.Started out as a crowd-funded project and with a specific goal of ending intrusions in our email

  • Gmail-subject-lines

    All scraped subject lines are then saved to a local file (subjects.txt by default).Gmail-Subject-Lines can be used for various purposes, from spam detection to statistics and up to email categorization. Requirements:· Gmail account username and

  • Pyemail 0.0.1

    The SMTPLIB Python module defines an SMTP client session object that can be used to send mail to any Internet machine with an SMTP or ESMTP listener daemon.PyEmail was developed to simplify the process of sending an email in Python using this tool. L

  • Python-slimta 0.3.4

    SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and is an Internet standard protocol for sending email via the IP protocol.The python-slimta library provides a set of libraries and methods to create Python-powered MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents).These Pyt

  • Mailsync 1.0

    Not all the time user data is kept updated in all locations. Sometimes an app or website running on a local database has more user info, sometimes a Mailchimp campaign can get lots of new users to a service, or even sometimes both have new users, dif

  • Eparser 0.0.2

    The module is very generic, working with any kind of formatted list of emails, even with extreme cases when emails are all stuck together in a big string.Very generic, can be used in almost any app and with any collection of emails.

  • Py_email_validation

    Checks email strings against the RFC 2822 standard.The module returns true or false if the email address is RFC 2822 compliant.

  • Mailer 0.7

    It merges the Python smtp and email modules, takes a simple configuration before sending the email.Usage:Send an email with an attachment.import mailermessage = mailer.Message()message.From = "[email protected]"message.To = "[email protected]"message.Subj

  • Imapbackup 1.4c

    The backed up files can optionally be compressed to mbox files. Here are some key features of "imapbackup":· Copies every single message from every single folder (or a subset of folders) in the IMAP server to the disk.· Does incremental cop

  • Mail 2.1.0

    The PIPE provides several methods for retrieving errors, message parts, mail statistics, meta information, authentication details, sending data, etc..

  • Posterity 0.6

    Besides accessing email messages stored on legacy IMAP servers, Posterity also stores the emails locally in its own database system.It can also handle sending email, tagging, folder management and spam filtering. What's New in This Release: · PO

  • Vorras Mailer 1.0.0

    Vorras Mailer enables webmasters to offer web-based email to their visitors. Similar to Hotmail™ or Yahoo!Mail™, Vorras Mailer supports multiple users, and new user registration. It can also be configured to read remote email, allowing us

  • Bobomail 0.6pre1

    BoboMail is a webmail application, which provides mail access through a web interface.Features: - read, write, reply, forward, delete and bounce messages - send and receive attachments - decodes quoted-printable, base64 and uuencoded - handles HTML-m

  • Active Spam Killer 2.4.1

    Active Spam Killer takes advantage of the fact that most spammers use invalid or fake "From:" address in their messages. When a new message arrives and the sender is unknown, ASK sends a "confirmation message" back, informing the sender that the

  • Bulkwatch 0.9

    BulkWatch is an utility which monitors sendmail's logs and takes a specified action when an ip has exceeded your configured maximum settings. You can specify that users may send X messages in X # of seconds, email in excess of that would trigger an a

  • Pygmy 0.6.0

    Pygmy is a GNOME mail client written in the Python programming language. Features: - Folder hierarchy - Multipart messages and general MIME support - Message filters - Address book, or use in combination with GNOMECard - GnuPG support - GtkHTML suppo

  • Getmail 4.7.4

    Getmail is a mail retriever designed to allow you to get your mail from one or more mail accounts on various mail servers to your local machine for reading with a minimum of fuss. Getmail is designed to be secure, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use.

  • Tmda 1.1.11

    TMDA is an open source software application designed to significantly reduce the amount of spam (Internet junk-mail) you receive. TMDA strives to be more effective, yet less time-consuming than traditional spam filters. TMDA can also be used as a gen

  • Simplemapi 0.0.1

    This script uses ctypes to communicate with the default email client on Windows. It was tested with Outlook Express, Outlook 97 and 2000, Eudora, Incredimail and Mozilla Thunderbird ( It allows you to create automated messages with attachmen

  • Reading And Writing Mbox Style Mailbox Files 1.0

    This script demonstrates reading and writing an mbox style mailbox. This script is an mbox filter. It scans through an entire mbox and writes the messages to a new file. Each message is passed through a filter function which may modify the document o

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