• Django Shop 0.2.0

    Django SHOP can be installed on websites running Django CMS.This small plugin will add all the features needed to transform the Django CMS administration toolkit into a complete e-commerce platform for selling hard and digital goods online.Neverthele

  • Python Payflow Pro Client 0.2

    The library interacts with the payment gateway for initiating and handling transactions from Python apps and websites.Supports multiple transaction types and payment methods. Here are some key features of "Python Payflow Pro Client":· Handle pay

  • Banknumber 1.0

    The module can read a bank number and tell if it's a valid string or not.Can be integrated with Python e-commerce and accounting apps for increasing security and data validation procedures. What's New in This Release: · Initial release.

  • Django-paypal 0.1.2

    Adds support for PayPal Payments Standard and Payments Pro in Django.The module allows users to buy products via PayPal inside Python-based websites or Web apps.Extremely easy to setup, the package comes with lots of documentation. Requirements:·

  • Recurly Python Client 2.1.9

    Recurly is a web service for implementing a subscription (recurring) billing system.This library can be utilized in creating billing forms, subscription plans, transaction pages, etc., powered by the Recurly API. Requirements:· Recurly API key W

  • Eopayment 0.0.19

    The module allows to initiate a payment transaction, get transaction ID and handle all success/error notifications received from the billing system. Here are some key features of "EOPayment":Supported services:· BNP under the name Mercanet,·

  • Satchless 1.0.2

    Perfect for building a wide area of e-commerce applications powered by the advanced Django Python framework.Satchless consists of 100% Django-friendly code and comes with pre-built "contrib" modules for common cases.The aim of this project is to make

  • Textmining 1.0

    It can be used only for statistical text mining (i.e. the bag-of-words model) and makes it very easy to create a term-document matrix from a collection of documents.This term-document matrix can be read into a statistical package like R or MATLAB for

  • Python-oauth2 1.5.211

    The library can even be used with Django, and supports various OAuth providers. Here are some key features of "python-oauth2":· 100% unit test coverage.· The DataStore object has been completely ripped out. While creating unit tests for the

  • Pcommerce 1.0b1

    Written in Python for Plone it supports normal e-commerce functions like payments, shipments, a shopping cart, invoicing, and much more. Here are some key features of "PCommerce":· Product variations.· Multiple prices per product to support

  • Paypy 0.6

    Two general components make up this library: transaction processing and recurring transaction processing.The latter integrates with the billing offerings of the payment gateways and does not  the actual recurring charges.The module supports for

  • Shoppingcart 1.3.0

    It can be included in Python-based e-commerce sites, or in other online shops with Python support. Here are some key features of "shoppingCart":· Product options support.· Multi discount support.· Multi taxes support(specific to produc

  • Cartridge 0.8.2

    Written upon Django, it supports all major shopping cart options. Here are some key features of "Cartridge":· Hierarchical categories· Easily configurable product options (colors, sizes, etc.)· Hooks for shipping calculations and payme

  • Satchmo 0.9.2

    It will allow developers to quickly build web shops and sell their products online. Here are some key features of "Satchmo":General Features:· All display items are driven by templates using the powerful Django templating language· All URLs

  • S3funnel 0.5.2

    Th script currently can handle multithreaded operations for large volumes of work loads. Here are some key features of "s3funnel":· Put, get, or delete many items concurrently, using a fixed-size pool of threads.· Built on workerpool for mu

  • Bid Monkey 1.3.3

    Bid monkey is a command line / GUI tool that automatically bids on eBay auctions at the last possible moment ("sniping"). The bid monkey codebase is written in Python and the GUI is built with GTK2, allowing for cross-platform usage between Unix and

  • Bookland 1.3

    Bookland (also known as is a program for generating EAN-13 bar code symbols, including: - generic EAN-13 symbols - ISBN symbols from 10 or 13-digit ISBN's - ISMN symbols

  • Atshop 1.14

    The software is intended for fast development of the Internet - shops and web-sites of the companies. The product allows to create the commodity catalogue with system of orders and to publish promotional materials. Management of web-shop is carried o

  • Paypal Ipn 1.1

    This is a cgi script that allows you to log an ipn request from paypal. Basically if you configure your paypal account with an ipn url it will send a post to a script url. You need to respond with a post and then will receive a VERIFIED response.

  • Credit Card Validation Solution 5.5 / 5.13 / 5.14

    The Credit Card Validation Solution checks that the card number length is correct, the first four digits are within accepted ranges, the number passes the Mod 10 / Luhn checksum algorithm and that you accept the given type of card. Expiration date va

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