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  • Djangobb

    DjangoBB is perfect for customer support sites, online communities, protected group discussions, etc.. Here are some key features of "DjangoBB":· Multi-database support· Manage posts and threads· Easy to install· Classic front-end

  • Pybbm 0.13.1

    PyBBM stands for PyBB Modified, PyBBM being developed on top of PyBB, another Python-based forum solution. Here are some key features of "PyBBM":· Emoticons· User profile settings· Custom styles· Markup engines· Anonymous/gue

  • Lbforum 0.9.22

    LBForum is a reusable Django application, and can be integrated with any Django-powered app. Here are some key features of "LBForum":· User-friendly installation process· Ease of integration into any Django project· Classic view of the

  • Discussion Moderation 1.2

    Discussion Moderation (qDiscussionModeration) is simple Plone product which enables moderation of CMF Discussion Items. Admin receives email notifications about new comment and is able to delete or publish it. The product uses monkey patch to impleme

  • Weever 0.1

    Weever is a forum software written in Python with Twisted and Nevow. It aims to be standard compliant and easy to use and manage.

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