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  • Rux 0.5.8

    Rux is a classic static site compiler that removes all the fluff and extra features most static site generators have, leaving in place only a simple Markdown to HTML compiler, fast and easy to use.There are no categories, no tags, no RSS feeds, no wi

  • Nflfan 0.0.2

    Fantasy football is the most successful sports-related game in the World. Millions of people create fantasy teams in fantasy leagues with real players that perform and get graded based on real games.For managing such leagues and games, various fantas

  • Pythonium 0.6.2

    Pythonium is a Python to JavaScript bridge, allowing Python developers to write their apps and websites in the language they know best and then convert it to JS.Pythonium is actually made of two sections.Pythonium Veloce focusing more on speed and ac

  • Apache Allura 1.1.0

    Apache Allura was first developed by the SourceForge team to manage their wiki, issues tracker and code viewer sections.It has since been donated and now managed by the Apache Software Foundation. Allura is now a complete software forge system, that

  • Mailchimp-api-python 2.0.7

    MailChimp is a online service which can be used to manage, send and track customer newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Written in Python, this library allows developers to remotely interact with the MailChimp service.The library works with the

  • Pyicloud 0.3.0

    PyiCloud contains a base authentication class for the iCloud service.This class handles the validation and authentication required to access various iCloud services.Besides this class, other utilities are also included, like for finding your phone, l

  • Azurepython3 1.7.6

    azurepython3 was created to allow developers to store a website or application's data on an Azure server.The library is basically a wrapper for Windows Azure's Storage REST API.azurepython3 is also compatible and can be used with the Django framework

  • Pythonjs 0.8.3

    PythonJS is a Python to JavaScript bridge, allowing Python developers to write their apps in the language they know best and then convert it to JS.  PythonJS basically allows programmers with lesser knowledge of JavaScript to write Web-based app

  • Toc 0.0.2

    The "toc" library can be used to provide an easier to use navigation system for large Web pages.So instead of scrolling through the page endlessly finding a desired section, the "toc" library can provide a summary of major page sections which can eas

  • Python-wepay 1.2.2

    python-wepay enables Python developers to make safe, compliant and efficient API calls and create applications or web services that integrate with WePay.The library is based on, and compatible with the official Python Wepay SDK.python-wepay is also a

  • Ads Python Client Library (adspygoogle) 1.1.10

    The Ads Python Client Library can be used to access the API more easily and build tools that add value to customers on top of Google's famous Ads platform.The Ads Python Client Library supports Google's AdWords API, the DoubleClick for Advertisers (D

  • Facebook-ads-api 0.1.27

    The facebook-ads-api library can be used to access the API more easily and build tools that add value to customers on top of Facebook's Ads platform.The library includes tools and utiities to work with:- User accounts- Campaigns- Ad groups- Stories-

  • Vimeo-wrapper 0.4.4

    vimeo-wrapper is a simple library adapting the Vimeo API so it can be used in developing Python services that work with the platform's videos. Works with the latest version of the Vimeo API, v2. Here are some key features of "vimeo-wrapper":

  • Pybitly 0.1.1

    PyBitly can be used programmatically as any other library, or from the Python CLI.PyBitly is not an official endorsed library. Here are some key features of "PyBitly":

  • Wordpress-py-client 0.0.1

    wordpress-py-client allows a Python developer to query the official public REST API for details.For now connecting to a desired blog and fetching one or all blog posts is supported.

  • Sprocket 0.1

    Sprocket can be used to easily organize APIs into modularized structures for easily assembling and extending a RESTful API with a few lines of code.To do this, Sprocket heavily utilizes Django models, mixins and an events system.Usage instructions ar

  • Cppclean 0.2.5

    cppclean should prove pretty valuable if a programmer is getting errors in his code and can't find their source, or simply wants to improve the overall performance and speed.This project is a continuation of an older, now unpublished project called C

  • Espn_py 0.2

    espn_py uses the official ESPN REST API to work.It supports the ESPN Now, Athletes, Teams and Headlines APIs. Here are some key features of "espn_py":

  • Pygmail

    pygmail is perfect for creating apps or websites running on Python that can be used to pull in GMail emails.Besides just simple email downloads, other more powerful, GMail-specific actions are supported. Here are some key features of "pygmail":·

  • Nfldb 0.0.3

    nfldb was extracted from the nflgame Python library, a powerful utility for retrieving various NFL-related details, right from the leagues official website. nfldb will help developers retrieve play-by-play related game data, with result filters for t

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