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  • Mongs

    MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, perfect for high traffic and intensive load environments. Mongs uses Python to connect to a MongoDB server, and build an interface for searching and viewing its data.Editing is not supported, but Mongs w

  • Fang Of Mongo

    MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, perfect for high traffic and intensive load environments.Fang of Mongo was created to allow database administrators a way to explore their MongoDB databases.Created for remote databases at first, Fang of

  • Edda 0.7.0

    MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, perfect for high traffic and intensive load environments.The MongoDB databases uses the mongod daemon to create log files of what happened with the database while in usage.Edda works by taking mongod log

  • 0.4.1 allows Python developers to connect their apps or websites to a MySQL database.The entire system facilitates MySQL query manipulation and results allows developers to interact with the database using Pyhton code, instead of S

  • Pyredisadmin 1.0.1

    Redis is a persistent key-value store database written in ANSI-C.PyRedisAdmin is written in Python and allows database administrators to manage local or remote Redis databases via a simple to use visual interface.Providing just a simple graphic inter

  • Mongoredis 0.13

    Redis and MongoDB are both NoSQL databases, widely used and recognized as top-shelf products when it comes to key-value store solutions.It is also a well-known fact that Redis databases are much faster than MongoDB databases, but lack the broad spect

  • Pypgwrap 0.1.5

    The library is actually based on pgwrap.As the original, pypgwrap implements a programmatic API for Python developers to use whenever needing to store and retrieve data from PostgreSQL databases. Here are some key features of "pypgwrap":

  • Pymssql 2.0.1

    pymssql does not use ODBC to talk to MS-SQL servers, but utilizes a native C API.This enables a wider usage spectrum, allowing pymssql to be used from many OS platforms and various DB configurations. Here are some key features of "pymssql":

  • Cqlengine 0.12.0

    Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable, eventually consistent, distributed, structured key-value store NoSQL database system, initially developed by Facebook and now maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.cqlengine is nothing more than an object

  • Leveldb-client 0.6

    The library is nothing more than a client for any LevelDB REST server.It allows developers to use LevelDB in Python apps for easily storing and retrieving data.Instead of complicated SQL syntax, leveldb-client allows Python-like queries to be written

  • Replmon 0.1.3

    Database replication is the process of creating one or more database clones for sharing and keeping data in sync, or for providing easier access to it.replmon enables database replication, along with support for status checking, writing success or fa

  • Rethinkengine 0.1.0

    RethinkDB is a free NoSQL, distributed database system.rethinkengine is to RethinkDB just like mongorm is to MongoDB.It creates a simple abstraction layer, allowing programmers to write Python-specific syntax which rethinkengine converts into Rethink

  • Mongorm 0.7.0

    mongorm is like any ORM (object-relational mapper), but because MongoDB works with documents instead of relational tables, it must be accurately named an ODM instead of an ORM.It's purpose is the same, working like an ORM nevertheless.mongorm creates

  • Nomad 1.2

    Nomad uses raw SQL commands, being a DB-agnostic system for transferring data from one database to another.Nomad basically supports everything SQLAlchemy or the DB API support (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Firebird, Sybase, etc.).It can

  • Memsql Python Libraries 2.3.0

    This client library for MemSQL was developed to allow Python developers to connect their apps and websites to a MemSQL data storage system."MemSQL Python Libraries" is an officially supported MemSQL database client. Requirements:· MemSQL What's

  • Sqlrest 0.1.2

    sqlrest allows easier access to a database's data, without having to share username and password credentials with other persons.It sets up an easy to query interface, enabling other people to fetch desired data via simple HTTP requests.Besides blind

  • Python-pouchdb 0.1.1

    Python-PouchDB provides a synchronous API to run PouchDB database queries from Python code.All PocuhDB features are supported as well via Python-PouchDB. Requirements:· Python 2.x only· PouchDB· PySide or PyQt4

  • Mtools 1.0.5

    All libraries packed with mtools run on standard Python installations and don't need any external third-party tools to work.The mtools collection is not a coherent package, but various utilities to parse, manipulate, convert or visualize MongoDB log

  • Tomdb 0.2.1

    tomdb doesn't actually deal directly with MySQL, but it wraps around MySQLdb, a well-known, mature Python client to MySQL. tomdb basically simplifies the entire process of dealing with MySQL queries and other SQL transaction, making it easy even for

  • Warmongo 0.3.8

    Since data stored inside a MongoDB database are simple JSON documents, Warmongo adds a collection of tools for interacting with the database a lot easier. Here are some key features of "Warmongo":· Connect to a database· Work with multiple

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