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  • Django Basic Cms 0.1.8

    Django Basic CMS is not a fully-blown CMS, being more accurate if we describe it as a Django module geared towards creating, managing and administrating page-like structures inside the Django admin.Nevertheless it does its job wonderfully when needin

  • Tendenci 5.1.132

    Even if Tendenci has been branded as a "CMS for non-profits", due to its comprehensive feature list, it can also be used in any other way or scope without any difficulties.Nevertheless, Tendenci fairs better when used for non-profits, greatly reducin

  • Mysmile 0.1.0

    MySmile automates a large part of the website building process, providing a ready-made structure on which content can be added.Coded to work on top of Django and take advantage of all its tools, MySmile can be installed on any platform Django can run

  • Goscale Cms 0.5.5 / 0.6.a9

    GoScale is not a CMS on its own. GoScale is actually a collection of Django CMS plugins, that when put together, they provide a powerful content management solution.Most of the plugins utilize public API for storing or retrieving content to and from

  • Nive Cms 0.9.9

    Nive cms was built on top of the Python Pyramid framework.The CMS is perfect for using when developing small to medium sized websites.To get started with Nive, no Python knowledge is required. Here are some key features of "Nive cms":· Cross-pla

  • Leaves Cms

    Leaves CMS was modeled after WordPress MU and is written on top of the Django framework.Supports creating and sharing content across multiple sites and nested comments. Limitations:· Leaves CMS is currently in alpha status and might change in fu

  • Ella 2.1.17 / 3.0.9

    Ella builds on tops of Django's default admin interface, adding all the features the framework needs to become a more UI friendly content management system. Here are some key features of "Ella":· Articles management· Galleries· Polls,

  • Acrcms 0.3.5

    ACRCms heavily uses Turbogears and libacr. Here are some key features of "ACRCms":· Templates· Themes· Admin panel· Documentation· Page management· WYSIWYG editor· File manager· Remote disk· Google Analyti

  • Kotti 0.8 / 0.9a2

    Kotti can run on any database supported by SQLAlchemy.Instructions on how to install and use can be found in the project's README file. Here are some key features of "Kotti":· A simple, user-friendly edit interface that hides advanced functional

  • Woost 0.6

    It allows defining, editing and publishing multilingual content quickly and easily. Here are some key features of "woost":· Use inheritance, relations and validations to define complex models· Automatically generate forms and listings for y

  • Django Cms 2.4.1

    It is an app for managing hierarchical pages of content in multiple languages, on different sites.Django CMS handles the navigation rendering for the user in multiple languages with internationalization (i18n) slugs.The navigation can be extended by

  • Djpcms 0.8.5

    It is built on top of the Django framework. Here are some key features of "djpcms":· Extendible using plugins· Dynamic pages based on database models· Sitemap design Requirements:· Python 2.5 or higher What's New in This Release:

  • Merengue Cms 0.9.0

    It was designed for creating and publishing websites, writing less code and maintaining clean, elegant and re-usable website code. Here are some key features of "Merengue CMS":· Microsites· Schema and data migration· SEO Optimization&#

  • Mezzanine 1.4.6

    The CMS is to provide both a consistent GUI for managing web content, and a simple architecture that makes diving in and writing code as easy as possible. Here are some key features of "Mezzanine":· Configurable dashboard widgets· Mobile de

  • Cloudcourse 1.0

    It allows anyone to create and track learning activities, offering calendars, waitlist management and approval features.CloudCourse is fully integrated with Google Calendar and can be further customized to an organization with service provider interf

  • Feincms 1.7.4

    FeinCMS is an extremely stupid content management system.It knows nothing about content -- just enough to create an admin interface for different page content types.It lets the user reorder page content blocks using a drag-drop interface, and add as

  • Ikaaro 0.75.0

    It will allow users to publish content on their Python website in an easy manner. Here are some key features of "iKaaro":· Content and document management (full index & search, meta-data, etc.).· Multilingual user interfaces and content.

  • Mediacore 0.9.4

    It was written using Python with MooTools-driven animations.MediaCore can pull video or audio from any source, track statistics, enable commenting, and provide a high degree of control over the presentation and administration. Here are some key featu

  • Talaria 0.2.0

    It provides a way to manage simple hierarchical trees of HTML-documents, such as websites, web apps, documentation, etc. Here are some key features of "Talaria":Goals:· Content should be easy modifiable with standard geek-friendly tools, such as

  • Lfc 1.0.5

    It provides a handy Python-based tool for creating websites. Here are some key features of "LFC":· Variable templates to display the content· Variable portlets· Multi languages (without pain)· Bulk upload of images + automatic sca

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