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  • Autobahnpython 0.5.14

    WAMP stands for WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol and is a communications subprotocol. RPC and PubSub are two of the WAMP messaging patterns.Check out similar libraries for the WAMP protocol:AutobahnJSAutobahnAndroid Here are some key fea

  • Pyst 0.4.38

    These libraries will allow users to build interface components for various Asterisk features.pyst can be used in developing operator consoles and/or Asterisk monitoring suites. Here are some key features of "pyst":Supported Asterisk features:· A

  • Py-asterisk 0.5.1

    Wraps around the Asterisk Manager API and allows Python programmers to interface with the service.Available as a library and as a CLI tool. What's New in This Release: · Bunch of bug fixes.

  • Plivo 1.0.2

    Plivo provides a telephony engine, allowing developer access to 2 tools. RESTXML – a small set of specific XML elements that can control a call. This set is referred to as Plivo Elements.RESTAPIs – REST based APIs.Currently, it supports F

  • Causal 1.0.21

    Causal allows two ways to view social history.The first is via a web interface displaying the past 7 days of the enabled social services.The second is via a JSON feed of the same data of all the updates in a standardised format.Each social service is

  • Socketless 0.4.0

    The library can be used in implementing communication tools using messages and broadcast req/rep instead of classical raw sockets.Socketless relies on the library syncless to provide high-performance non-blocking sockets through utilization of epoll/

  • Skype4py 1.0.34

    It is platform independent, written completely in Python and reimplements the Skype4COM's API in a Pythonic way.The script can detect which platform Skype is running from ('posix', 'windows' or 'darwin').Skype4Py now returns Unicode only when it is n

  • Skypechatstats October 18, 2010

    It takes a period of time and compiles standings for the top chatters.The script comes bundled with Skype4Py,  a tool formigrating Skype content to Python. Requirements:· dateutil.parser· Jinja2 What's New in This Release: · Initi

  • Jabber-roster 0.1.0

    Can be used for backing up the list of buddies in a Jabber account.

  • Python-mms 0.2

    It adds several classes for the creation and manipulation of MMS messages regularly used in mobile devices such as cellular or smart phones.The full API for this module can be generated from the Python souce code, using Epydoc.This library enables th

  • Pyjabberbot 0.6

    It's main focus is placed in overall stability and availability of the bot. Here are some key features of "Pyjabberbot":· Fault tolerance· Connection monitoring, auto-reconnect· Command handling Requirements:· Python· xmpppy

  • Pmxbot 1105.5

    By default, pmxbot listens to commands prefixed by the '!' character.If it's a recognizable command, it will take the appropriate action.The bot will search the web, quote users, track karma, make decisions, and do just about anything else the develo

  • Jabberbot 0.15

    Jabber bots can be used to provide information about a running system, and to make a website interact with visitors or notify them about updates. Requirements:· xmpppy What's New in This Release: · Command prefixes, custom handlers, pep8 an

  • Console Jabber Client 1.1.0

    It uses the pyxmpp library for XMPP comunication and curses for screen output.It's user interface is resembling those of popular IRC clients like BitchX or irssi.

  • Blinker 1.2

    This is a fast dispatching system allowing any number of interested parties to subscribe to events, or Python signals.Signal receivers can subscribe to specific senders or receive signals sent by any sender. Here are some key features of "Blinker":&#

  • Gnotifier 0.5

    GNotifier is a WSGI application. What's New in This Release: · Improve command line tool.

  • Syncxl

    Groupware data - contacts, tasks, meetings, is one of the most importrant information in business processes. Today almost any mobile device can keep, display and modify this data and then synchronize it with the laptop or desktop computer. But what i

  • Syslog2irc

    This script allows you to receive syslog messages via UDP and show them on IRC. It implements the BSD syslog protocol as specified in RFC 3164.

  • Gmobilemedia 0.1.2

    gMobileMedia is a simple gtk application used to browse and handle a mobile phone filesystem. It can handle phones with more than one memory area. This application has been targeted mainly for Nokia cell phones, but theorically it can handle all the

  • Squirrel Fax 1.5rc2

    This project allows you to design a Gnome/GTK based fax application aimed at gnomeoffice. It provides a front-end for mgetty sendfax (including full configuration), and can act as a fax interface for and fax to e-mail interfa

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