• Wagtail 0.2

    Designed to work out of the box on top of a PostgreSQL database (with optional SQLite support), Wagtail is a new breed of CMS, coming packed with lots of user friendly features, but using an advanced codebase that scales very easily to user traffic a

  • Djedi Cms 1.0

    Djedi CMS does not come with an administration panel, but an inline editor for the site's frontend content is provided.Building websites with Djedi might be a little bit hard for inexperienced Python developers and end-users, Djedi being more of a CM

  • Quokka Cms 0.2.0

    Developed on a smaller, less used framework like Flask, Quokka CMS is quite a well organized and well designed product, working following general guidelines and principles made famous by other CMSs that came before it.Quokka comes with lots of featur

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