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  • Iso8601 0.1.9

    The module takes an ISO 8601 date or time and converts it into a datetime object.The iso8601 module supports all the standard date, time and timezone formats supported by the ISO 8601 standard. Requirements:

  • Sanetime 4.2.3

    sanetime was developed to provide a simpler interface to the already complicated manner in which date and time are being used inside Python code.It's main role is to provide an expanded, yet simpler API for dealing with time and date values.sanetime

  • Momentpy 0.5

    momentpy allows programmers to parse, validate and manipulate date and time values.It also includes utilities for applying and converting date and time values to custom formats.The original Moment.js library can be downloaded from Softpedia as well.

  • Radar 0.2

    The module can generate a random date, with or without a given time range.Works with date and time values, separated or combined.The "radar" module is intended only for Python CLI usage.

  • Delorean 0.2.1

    Working on top of Python's datetime utility, Delorean's main purpose is to simplify working with dates, time values and timezone data which might get tricky when using datetime. Delorean also features a simple natural syntax, providing several conven

  • Transdate 1.1.1

    The module simply expands the default Python date/time utilities with support for the Asian lunar/solar calendar system. Here are some key features of "transdate":· Convert a solar date to a lunar date and vice versa· Support for the lunar

  • Trac2google 0.5

    Reads the entry list on a Trac timeline and moves them to a timesheet calendar in Google. Requirements:· Pytz· lxml Limitations:· Parses entries for the current month only. To work properly, it is recommended to be added as a cron job.

  • Times 0.6.1

    Times is an alternative to datetime and pytz, other Python libraries that also work with the time format and timezones.The difference between Times and them is that Times is less complicated and uses industry best standards.

  • Parsedatetime 0.8.7

    The library can go over a date, detect its format and use it in parsing further dates. It can handle relative or mangled date expressions like: 25 Aug 2008, Aug 25 5pm, 5pm August 25, next saturday, tomorrow, next thursday at 4pm, at 4pm, eod, tomorr

  • Isodate 0.4.9

    It is an implementation of the ISO 8601 date, time and duration settings.The implementation follows ISO8601:2004 standard, and implements only date/time representations mentioned in the standard.If something is not mentioned, then it is treated as no

  • Timelib 0.2.3

    It's a wrapper around the native PHP timelib module.

  • Timeperiod 1.01

    TimePeriod is a Python version re-write of Perl's Time::Period module.

  • Lunardate 0.1.4

    The library can only manage with dates starting from 1900 to 2049 (in the Chinese calendar). What's New in This Release: · Support '+', '-' and compare, fix bug in year 2050

  • Html-calendar (python) 2.11

    It's easy to use and highly customizable, supports multiple languages, and you can choose whether weeks start with Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or any other day. The developer can include as many calendars as he likes on a page.Regarding week numbers, H

  • Cday Wx 0.5.1

    This script allows you to displays anniversaries such as birthdays and general events. It displays the equivalent date in multiple calendar systems, including Hebrew, Julian, JDNs, Great Underground Empire (Zork), and Shire (Lord of the Rings).

  • Timeformat 1.1.0

    TimeFormat is a small Python library useful to handle formatting date/time strings. TimeFormat features more flexible format codes than are available in time.strftime(), and should be more consistent across platforms.

  • Corp Calendar 1.7

    Corp Calendar is a simple little calendar application suitable for small groups or companies.

  • Sync The System Clock To The Naval Time Server 1.1

    This software gets the date from a naval time server and updates the system clock for posix OS supporting the "date" command. It also requires an internet connection.

  • Ev-merge 1.3

    This script merges the calendar files of Evolution (the Ximian/GNOME calendar application) and the Opie Calendar application (Sharp Zaurus, Linux IPAQs, ...). It takes a list of files as parameter, merges their calendar entries and writes them to the

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