• Phpbb-python 0.0.1

    phpbb-python handles all the data conversion problems needed for Python apps to authenticate their users against a phpBB's user database.Nothing needs to be installed on the phpBB installation for this library to work. This library can also be used w

  • Dendrite 1.1.2

    dendrite was developed to be an abstract tool when it comes to social authentication APIs.It enables developers to build a proper, secure and profesional-grade user login and registration system that utilizes shared account credentials and profile de

  • Instantauth 0.8.5

    The "instantauth" module is perfect for powering user key-pair authentication models and its adjacent session handler.Besides the Python codebase, a Cocos2D project is also included as well.

  • Liboauth2 0.0.2

    liboauth2 is a generic system for OAuth operations, and is not geared toward catering one or more specific OAuth2 provider APIs.Nevertheless, to help developers get going on their own project, two examples for OAuth 2.0 authentication are provided. O

  • Socialoauth 0.3.0

    OAuth is an open protocol to allow API authentication in a simple and standard method from all applications, including desktop and web.The "socialoauth" Python library is an unified interface for working with OAuth2 enabled services.It enables users

  • Py-authorize is a well known payment processing service, with an API that's quite hard to use.Py-Authorize simplifies some of these API inner-workings, allowing easier access to payment-related operations. Here are some key features of "Py-Authorize

  • Django-socialnetwork 0.0.6

    The "django-socialnetwork" module enriches Django-based services with a social authentication/authorization mechanism.This allows users to login and/or register on the site via their social profiles and their appropriate credentials.This module lifts

  • Authomatic 0.0.4

    This authorization/authentication allows site visitors to use any of their public social profile credentials to login on the site safely.Authomatic was inspired by SimpleAuth. Here are some key features of "Authomatic":· Lightweight size· C

  • Python Social Auth 0.1.1

    Python Social Auth allows users to register or login using their social credentials.The project's code was ported from Django Social Auth, a similar library for Django-based projects. Unlike the aforementioned module, Python Social Auth is framework-

  • Loginradius Python Sdk

    The LoginRadius SDK for Python allows developers to have a user login/register system based on social IDs provided by other services. The SDK provides a simple interface to LoginRadius' API for retrieving settings and customizations made to a LoginRa

  • Gauthify-python 1.27

    GAuthify-Python is a wrapper for the REST is a Web service that provides an SMS and email 2-factor authentication system based on Google Authenticator.Google Authenticator is a service from Google for enrolling in a 2-st

  • Django-twitter 0.1.0

    Adding a Twitter-based user authentication system to a Django project isn't such a complicated process with the django-twitter plugin as some might expect.Just add the Twitter API app credentials to the plugin's config and the login links in the proj

  • Simpleauth 0.1.4

    This library implements a method to login users into an app via their social credentials from OAuth or OpenID- friendly sites.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "SimpleAuth":Supported authentication protocols:

  • Py-oauth2 0.0.6

    OAuth2 is an authorization protocol built on top of HTTP which allows applications to securely access data without having to store usernames and passwords.Examples are included to work with providers like GitHub, Douban and Weibo.

  • Python-googauth 0.1.0

    Google Authenticator is a mobile application that allows generating 2-step verification codes on a smartphone without a network connection.This library basically allows verifying and generating one-time passwords via Google Authenticator.

  • Oauthlib (python) 0.4.0

    The library does not much on its own, but can easily be embedded with more complicated apps to provide support for OAuth authentication logic.Supports both version of Oauth, v1 and the newer v2. Requirements:· python-creole What's New in This Re

  • Rauth 0.5.4

    The library can be utlized in Python-based websites and apps to create an authorization/authentication client for OAuth providers.The library is well tested and production-ready. Here are some key features of "Rauth":Supported protocol versions:·

  • Pyoauth2 0.0.4

    The library can be used to create an authorization/authentication client for OAuth providers. Here are some key features of "pyoauth2":· Store credentials· Manipulate authentication flow Requirements:· Python 2.7 or higher· Reques

  • Pybrowserid 0.9.1

    BrowserID is a secure, multibrowser website authentication mechanism developed by Mozilla.The library will allow Python apps to authenticate users against the BrowserID protocol. What's New in This Release: · Fixed data-decoding bug in fallback

  • Django Social Auth 0.7.23

    Works by registering users using other social credentials, and then allowing them to login via the same mechanism. Here are some key features of "Django Social Auth":Supported auth providers:· BitBucket OAuth· DISQUS OAuth· Douban OAut

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