Psd.rb v1.0.0

PSD.rb was developed to provide better PSD scraping capabilities to developers and designers working with .PSD files on a daily basis.
PSD.rb handles all operations regarding opening the file and looking for the desired data and then retrieving the result in an usable form.
Here are some key features of "PSD.rb":
· Get document structure
· Get document size
· Get layer and folder size
· Get layer and folder positioning
· Get layer and folder visibility
· Get layer and folder opacity
· Get flattened image data
· Get font data
· Get the content of text areas
· Get font names
· Get font sizes
· Get font colors
· Get color mode
· Get bit-depth
· Get vector mask data
What's New in This Release:
· Moved type CSS export from psd-enginedata into PSD.rb since it was too specific for what aims to be a general purpose parser.
· Various bug fixes and error checking during parsing.
· Some code cleanup.
· Test suite update.

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