Popslides v1.1.5

popSlides works just like any other image lightbox script.
The difference is that instead of showing one image at a time and waiting the user to either close the popup & open a new image, or press the left/right buttons to go to another image, popSlides automatically loads a new photo after a period of time, just like with a normal slideshow script.
Because of this mixture of technologies, the popSlides also merges UI controls found in slideshow and lightbox scripts as well.
Users can play or pause the slideshow anytime they wish, they can view the image's position in the entire gallery line and can easily close the lightbox window when not needing it anymore.
Developers also have at their disposal various plugin settings to tweak around and control features like the lightbox's maximum size, compression and aspect ratio displays, thumbnail properties and so on.
This allows them even more control over the slideshow lightbox and prevents popSlides from misbehaving in ways the developer has not intended.
Here are some key features of "popSlides":

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