• Banana Dance B.2.6

    Banana Dance is an advanced online community builder that allows registered users to start and/or participate in already existing discussions.Users have their own profiles which they can use to track discussions in which they've previously took part

  • Chuwiki 2.0

    To install, just download, unzip, upload to a server and access the ChuWiki website.It will work out of the box and allow anyone accessing the site to edit its content.The wiki works basically like a static site generator, assembling wiki pages from

  • Wigit 0.1

    It uses Git repositories to store a page's content and tracking changes via commits. Here are some key features of "WiGit":· Very simple and light· Easily customizable using themes· Extensive syntax for marking up text (using Textile)&

  • Ewiki

    It's unique from other wiki engines because it uses a Git repository to store page history.Uses the glip PHP library for Git interactions.Works with plenty database environments. Practically any database with a PDO driver (for authentication).Install

  • W2 1.1

    Developed initially for iPhone users, W2 can be used on any mobile device. Here are some key features of "W2":· Fast page generation times.· Content saved in Markdown files.· Wiki style [[URL]] linking.· Flat-file storage.· P

  • Simpliwiki v1.1.0

    Simplewiki is a continuation of the defunct W2Wiki system by Steven Frank.As W2, Simplewiki has support for mobile devices, being initially developed for iPhone users. Here are some key features of "Simpliwiki":· Compact and simple.· Short

  • Iwiki 1.0

    iWiki is written with PHP and MySQL.The wiki has an admin panel (ported from iCMS). Posts can be featured, for highlighting content.The wiki is build on the of the iWebKit mobile device development framework.

  • Portili Wiki 1.15

    The free version is a feature-reduced version of the pro version, a wiki designed for collaborative usage.It is an ideal content sharing syste, with real-time editing features. Here are some key features of "Portili Wiki":· Supported· Aesth

  • Petewiki 0.6

    It uses SQLite as the database backend and content is added with textile markup. Here are some key features of "petewiki":· Wiki links· Hierarchical pages· Discussion/comments for each page· All revisions stored· track revisi

  • Businesswiki

    It uses MediaWiki as a core wiki platform, also in use in Wikipedia.BusinessWiki sites could be converted into and from MediaWiki sites. Here are some key features of "BusinessWiki":Main features:· Visual editing· Folders and tags· Eas

  • Boltwire 3.5 / 4.01 Unstable

    It has the various strengths of a CMS, a wiki, a search engine, and more, all rolled together into a software system of ground-breaking design.The secret behind BoltWire's small size, yet robust capabilities, is its amazing ZAP engine, that allows ea

  • Anwiki 0.2.2

    It is a PHP and MySQL hybrid solution, between a wiki and a CMS, intended to manage multilingual and structured content.Anwiki has been designed from scratch as a generic and flexible internationalization solution.Contents can be created and translat

  • Wikiss 0.3

    It comes with all major wiki features like easy syntax, password protection, history of changes and much more. Here are some key features of "WiKiss":· Simplified syntax;· Management history and differences between each version;· Passw

  • Lionwiki 3.2.3

    It is extensible, templatable, file based (it doesn't need database like MySQL) and requires just one file to function.It is suitable for small websites, personal notebooks or journals.Normal wiki functionality like syntax, page history, last changes

  • Wiki Web Help 0.3.15

    It is a recommended solution for project development, help files, customer support, and more.Wiki Web Help wants to create as much of a smoother interface and user experience when creating and editing wiki pages. Here are some key features of "Wiki W

  • Wackowiki 5.1.0

    It's compatible with MySQL, PDO MySQL and MySQLi. Here are some key features of "WackoWiki":· Supports WYTIWYG-editing· Page rights (ACLs)· Design themes (skins)· File upload· Email notification Requirements:· PHP 5 or h

  • Rabbitwiki 0.9

    RabbitWiki is a very simple, but useful Wiki.Installation - Installation is as simple as unzipping, customising Config.php (optional) and uploading. - Then either: chmod the folder called pages to 777 to allow the script access to the pages folder (I

  • Feshoot Wiki 0.2.0a

    FeShoot Wiki is a lightweight and visually appealing AJAX based wiki. Main Features:• CSS theme support • Multilevel navigation bar that is easy to edit for your own purposes • Friendly page titles instead of using wiki link names (it

  • Mindtouch Deki Wiki 10.1.4

    It is also a platform for creating collaborative and high-tech applications. Here are some key features of "MindTouch Deki Wiki":· WYSIWYG editing· Extendable via modules (called apps)· Documentation· Themeable· Admin panel W

  • Pukiwiki 1.4.7

    PukiWiki is a Web-based tool which enables not only the webmaster but also visitors to add, delete, and modify the pages without restriction. Since PukiWiki is a Web-based tool, you can use it from your browser without additional software. It may res

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