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  • Firestats 1.6.7

    FireStats is just like Google Analytics, only it can be hosted on your own servers and keep traffic data away from Google's prying eyes.There's an assisted installation wizard to help new users out and a pretty insightful dashboard where statistics c

  • Visitor Counter Script

    While the fashion of using hit counters has slowly died down in the past few years, there are still people interested in showcasing how many times a page or resource has been accessed.The Visitor Counter Script works in a very simple manner, counting

  • Social Media Management Platform For Codeigniter 1.01

    The "Social Media Management Platform for CodeIgniter" platform is a complete tool for all social marketing experts out there.This allows them and social media non-experienced webmasters to setup social media campaigns, control updates and follow the

  • Phiwik 0.6.2

    Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program.Wraps the Piwik API and allows PHP apps to call and use Piwik data.Supports Piwik features like site manager, visit frequency and others. Requirements:· Piwik

  • Zend Service Piwik

    Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program.The library allows combining Piwik with Zend apps.Installation instructions are provided with the download package. Requirements:· Piwik· Zend Framework

  • Knppiwikbundle

    Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program.The library allows combining Piwik with Symfony 2.x installations. Requirements:· PHP 5.3.2 or higher· Piwik· Symfony 2 or higher

  • Sfpiwikplugin 1.1.1

    Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program.The library allows combining Piwik with Symfony installations. Requirements:· Piwik· Symfony 1.x What's New in This Release: · Fixed strict standarts for sfPiwikParameterH

  • Server-side Google Analytics Php Client 1.1.1

    PYGA provides a way to call the tracking code with PHP  code, instead of JavaScript code.Can be used with PHP  servers for devices and environments where JS can't be turned on. Here are some key features of "Server-Side Google Analytics PHP

  • Phpmyvisites 2.4

    phpMyVisites was developed by the same person which also started the Piwik project. Here are some key features of "phpMyVisites":· Graphic installer· Simple to use GUI· Data is shown in graphs for easily understanding it· Works wi

  • Jawstats 0.7 beta

    JAWStats is written in PHP, and works along with the AWStats toolkit.It is not a stand-alone package because JAWStats simply needs AWStats to work.It basically reads AWStats logs and styles data in a much more friendlier way than AWStats does. Here a

  • Analytics And Graphing With Php / Sql 1.0.3

    Inspired by the Google Analytics dashboard, but self-hosted. Here are some key features of "Analytics and Graphing with PHP / SQL":· Plug-and-play - Just pass the database table name, time column and data column(s) to the PHP class and let it ha

  • Server Load Graph

    It stores server usage details in a MySQL database and creates a graph using the Google Chart API.Records all load averages on the server where it was uploaded.Stores all 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes load occurances. Requirements:· JavaScr

  • Visitor Tracker 1.0

    It will record user details for later processing. Here are some key features of "Visitor tracker":· Records IP addresses· Last actions· Counts views· Viewed pages· Browser type

  • Php Search Keyword Detector 1.1.0

    It then logs all keywords and provides a nice statistic the webmaster can use to analyze his site's traffic.Tracker scripts, administration interface and crons to gather and analyze data are provided in the package. Here are some key features of "PHP

  • Franklin 0.21

    Recorded data can then be presented using charts in a nicely formatted web page. Here are some key features of "Franklin":· Simple PHP5 object oriented code· Easy PHP-based configuration & installation· Simple Charts using Google Chart

  • Open Web Analytics 1.5.4

    Open Web Analytics (OWA) provides web site owners and developers with easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs.It is an alternative to other traffic analytics solutions like Piwiki or Google Analy

  • Gapi 1.3

    The script authenticates on Google and retrieves desired traffic data. Can be integrated with Symfony, the Zend framework, cakePHP and many other frameworks. Here are some key features of "GAPI":· Full PHP5 Object Oriented code· Ready for u

  • Piwik 1.11

    Piwik is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics.Piwik was written in PHP and MySQL, and like Google Analytics needs the webmaster to embed a JavaScript tracking code into his website. Here are some key features of "Piwik":· Real time rep

  • Ip To Country Lookup Php Script 1.51

    Installation instructions and a semi-automated install script is provided with the download archive.Download includes advanced options and an API for using remote lookup of IP data.If wanting to use ip-to-country information inside an application lik

  • Who's Online Php Script 2.25

    The webmaster has access to an admin panel, where he can see what pages visitors have accessed.It has features like IP address, host lookup, online time, city, state, country, geolocation maps and more.Nothing is permanently logged except for a few r

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