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  • Php Nameserver Lookup 1.0

    PHP Nameserver Lookup is a very simplistic tool, helping developers get DNS info about both domain names and IPs.Additional alias addresses are also retrieved.PHP Nameserver Lookup can be used as a standalone service itself, or its functions embedded

  • Backup Whm To Amazon S3 1.4

    Backup WHM To Amazon S3 can easily provide a fail-safe system in case of emergencies, crashes or attacks.This PHP script creates regular backups for hosting accounts providing a recent, up-to-date version of the site's content and configuration

  • Migrate 0.0.4

    Migrating WordPress sites is not incredibly difficult compared to other CMSs, but it's complicated enough to crash your installation if you forget one or more steps.The Migrate script was created to automate the process of replacing the older URL wit

  • Epp Api For .ua Domains 1.0

    The script is compliant with Ukraine's EPP official registrar and works from the PHP CLI.It also supports all of the official EPP zones, including,,,,,,,,, chernovtsy

  • Chilistats v3.0

    It basically counts the times a JS file has been loaded and tracks user details in a MySQL database. Here are some key features of "ChiliStats":· Graphic installer.· Design adaptable via CSS.· Optimized, customizable counter display.&#

  • Thehostingtool 1.2.6

    Allows server owners to create, administrate and receive payments for their hosting services. It's basically a client manager, focused on web hosting services. Here are some key features of "TheHostingTool":· Fully compatible with cPanel/WHM

  • Softaculous 4.2.4

    Softaculous allows web hosting companies to provide users with an automated solution for installing complex web applications.An auto-installer can be used to install scripts and software without the user having to upload files.All files and database

  • Advanced Fileupper Script 1.0

    Written in PHP, it will allow users to upload and store images, archives, and about any kind of file. Here are some key features of "Advanced FileUpper Script":· File manager· Description for file types· File type management· Soci

  • Advanced Image Upload & Manager 1.0 Beta

    Written in PHP, it will allow users to upload and store images, archives, and about any kind of file. Unlike most image hosting scripts out on the market, AIUM (Advanced Image Upload & Manager) provides a number of unique and powerful features.These

  • Dynamic Site Map With Php

    It will create an expandable tree structure, just like the one seen in Microsoft's Windows Explorer app. Folders can be expanded, while clicking on a simple file item will redirect the user to that page.The script recursively goes trough the director

  • Froxlor

    Written in PHP, it works on all POSIX-like systems. Here are some key features of "Froxlor":Supported daemons:· Webserver - Apache 2, LightTPD, nginx· Nameserver - Bind, PowerDNS· MDA - Courier, Dovecot· MTA - Postfix, Exim·

  • Wordmainr

    It combines the APIs of two services.It uses the service to retrieve definitions, for domain listings and availabilities and the phpwhois library for getting whois information Requirements:· API key· Domai.n

  • Php Redirect Script 1.0

    This method has compiled a complete HTTP status code list along with default behavior of PHP redirection power, so it combines redirection URL and HTTP status code (optionally) beautifully.The user can use this simple PHP script to redirect a user fr

  • Simplehostingpanel 1.0.3 Beta

    It has support for Apache, PHP, Proftpd and MySQL. What's New in This Release: · Fixed minor bug in create_vhost.php

  • Under Construction Builder

    It uses jQuery for the progress bar and countdown timer.In the event of the user’s browser having Javascript disabled a static counter will be displayed and a non-animated panel will show and hide the previous progress updates. Here are some ke

  • Beta Invitation Helper

    It can be used after a website is shut-down fr upgrades or future development.It will ask users for their emails, record them in a database so the developer or website admin can inform them through a newsletter when the site comes back up again. Here

  • Skycache 2.2

    Once a dynamic page has been computed, it is stored in a page cache on the server. If a query for the same URL is made afterwards, the content is immediately served from the cache instead of processing the script again.Using this method, the page loa

  • Dtcss R27

    DtCSS reads the CSS file and outputs the standard CSS, indirectly providing a smart caching system.It speeds up CSS coding by extending the features to CSS, such as nested selectors, color mixing and more.

  • Bnc Super Cache 2.4

    It can be used to increase webiste page loading speed.The page's rendering time can be sped up by reading the page from the cache at specified intervals.Depending on code complexity and DB usage the improvement can go up to 10x. It is also very usefu

  • Easy Site Install 0.75

    The script helps with the installation process of well known CMSs.It supports Mambo, Joomla, PhpNuke, PhpBB, SMF, Oscommerce, Moodle, Atutor and WordPress. What's New in This Release: Updated and added new scipts as follow:· Mambo open source 4.

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