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  • Converttwitterlinks

    "Twitter-specific text" refers to common known Twitter jargon like @mentions and #hashtags.The ConvertTwitterLinks library provides auto-linking support for raw URLs, Twitter usernames, and hashtags.This means normal text like @softpedia will appear

  • Parsedown 0.9.4

    Parsedown is a very fast and reliable solution for parsing Markdown text.Besides the standard syntax introduced by John Gruber a few years back, it also supports the modified version working on GitHub (also known as GitHub Flavored Markdown).Under th

  • Wikirenderer 3.1.5

    Not only it can convert to various formats, but it also supports various types of wiki syntax as well.Supported input wiki formats:W3DokuWikiJ WikiPhpWikiTracSupported output formats:Raw textxHTMLDocbookAcross the years, WikiRenderer has seen wide-sp

  • Sbbcodeparser 1.1

    Currently the SBBCodeParser library includes support for all standard BBCode tags, and a few custom ones as well.These are:bistrongemusblinksubsupinsdelrightleftcenterjustifynotehiddenabbracronymicqskypebinggooglewikipediayoutubevimeoflashpaypalpaste

  • Php-highlight 1.0

    Along with the syntax highlighting function, a few other features are also included.All known PHP functions are linkified to point to their respective page on the official PHP documentation site.Also, tokens are moved inside span tags, with camelCase

  • Jsgettext 0.1

    Subsequent .po files created via jsgettext can then be translated via Poedit and help the developer internationalize his app/website faster. To prevent duplicate strings, regular expressions and comments are ignored by jsgettext.

  • Ml2en

    ml2en is a simple system that takes Malayalam characters and converts them one by one to classic Latin characters.The script does not translate the text, but simply converts Malayalam to Latin characters. The text will still be in Malayalam, but with

  • Simple Word Filter

    Simple Word Filter will enable developers to setup simple word filters on their page.Even if it was setup for bad words and insults, the library can be easily be adapted to work with any text patterns the developer gives it.A demo is included with th

  • Clean Up Ms Word Mess Utility

    Most editors copy formatted text from their Word software into a Web-based WYSIWYG editor without actually knowing the monster that hide in Word's formatting code.'Clean Up MS Word Mess Utility' allows editors to copy - paste the text inside its inte

  • 0.1 parses MD5 hash strings and outputs them as clear text.It uses several online MD5 cracking APIs to decode the hashed text and simply outputs the raw text on the page.A working hash decoding script is included with the download package.

  • Mediawiki2html Machine

    The library can parse MediaWiki syntax, the same mark-up language used on Wikipedia, and convert it to raw HTML code. Mediawiki2HTML Machine can run without the developer needing to install the  MediaWiki platform locally.

  • Wikia

    Wikia was specifically written to parse MediaWiki syntax, the same mark-up language used on Wikipedia. The code is basically an improved and updated version of Mediawiki2HTML Machine.Usage instructions are included with the package's README file.

  • Luminous 0.7.0

    Luminous works on the code block level, transforming boring, hard to read source code into a rainbow of colors, improving readability and adding useful features like line numbers and line marking.The class reads the code, adds syntax highlighting bas

  • Oblique Strategies 1.0

    Oblique Strategies takes a collection of texts and prints a random one  inside a container.Clicking on the quote or refreshing the page loads a new one.Quotes can also be organized in different collections, which can be switched in the front-end

  • Bitter 0.2

    Bitter can parse a source file and pretty print the code on a Web page.Examples are included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Bitter":Supported languages:· PHP· JavaScript· XML· CSS· HTML· XSL Wh

  • Doccy

    Doccy is actually a PHP library that reads specially formatted text and converts it to HTML for easy Web embedding. Combining Textile and Markdown, Doccy provides a middle-ground between a lightweight size and powerful features. Here are some key fea

  • Pdf Newspaper 2.4

    Works by taking an inputted URL, crawling the content found on it and outputting a cleaner version of the page as a downloadable PDF file.Besides URLs, it also supports RSS feeds and OPML files as well. Here are some key features of "PDF Newspaper":&

  • Simplediff 1.0

    Of course, all libraries are inspired by the UNIX diff tool.In practice, they can be used to analyze two pieces of text and show the differences between them.Comes in versions for CoffeeScript, JavaScript, PHP and Python.

  • Phplural

    Also works the reverse way, from plural to singular form.An example is included with the download package. Limitations:· Works with English words only.

  • Php Markov Chain Text Generator 1.0.1

    The Markov chain is a random process characterized as memoryless a mathematical system that undergoes transitions from one state to another.The script takes an input text and creates a gibberish out of it.

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