• Svn2zip

    After the archive file has been created it is cached until the repository's revision number changes.The developer can automate this script to create a downloadable archive every time a new SVN repository version is created. Limitations:· Only re

  • Css And Javascript Combinator 0.5

    It uses URL rewrites to speed up pages loading time on pages with many CSS and JavaScript includes.The script intercepts called scripts and compresses them to reduce their size.It also addresses the problem of requesting multiple files at the same ti

  • Flickrmovr 0.20

    The user needs to provide a local directory path and an Flickr NSID for the desired account.The doanloaded files will be named after the Flickr photo names.Geo-location and other meta data is also parsed and copied in the picture.

  • Domparser

    It's built to handle poorly written HTML code.

  • Iptweet

    The user can practically see what's his IP address when suing Twitter.

  • Hazard Whois

    This tool uses the server for the query results.

  • Hazard Wap Redirection

    Tested and worked on:Internet Explorer 6.0 Mozilla Firefox 1.0Opera 7.2WapalizerTTemulatorWapsilonccWap Browser

  • Hazard Language Redirection

    This script needs to be installed on the web server.It reads the user's browser language settings and then redirects the uer to the proper page written in the specific language (or to the default page).

  • Twitter Bot v1.0.0 / v2.0.0alpha1

    The script uses CRON to run regularly at certain intervals.This code is not intended to be used for spamming. Requirements:· Twitter Class· PHP 5.2 or higher· mb_string functions enabled What's New in This Release: · Added a comma

  • 85 Php High Quality Scripts 1.0

    The script contains many snippets and small scripts useful in many areas and applications.Some of the scripts contained in the package are: Expired Domain Finder ScriptPHP Auto Hits ScriptPHP Link Listing ScriptPHP MySQL Yahoo Style Link Directory/Se

  • Anti Xsrf

    Cross-site request forgery attacks exploit a website's trust for any kind of user performed actions.This script can protect against many types of XRSF aatacks, just by including the script in form-related scripts.

  • Php Boolean To Sql Query Translator

    The code is not sanitized, and any programmer using this is expected to sanitize his code before submitting the SQL query.

  • Mysplitcssmenu 1.13

    While browsing a sub-menu, both the sidebar sub-menu item and the parent menu item in the top bar will be highlighted.InstallationUnpack the archive and put the 'mysplitcssmenu.php' in your templates folder.Edit the ' index.php' file and put:include(

  • Ajax And Php Auto Suggest

    This is a demonstration of auto suggest (complete) on input text fields using Ajax.Installation - Unpack to a directory on your server. - Create a MySQL database and import database.txt to it. - Edit conn.php and replace the MySQL host, username, pas

  • Run Cron.php Without Crontab

    Now it's possible to run cron.php regularily, without any access to the server or without any knowledge about servers and crontab!Just put these simple PHP lines in a block of your Drupal site, better if mostly present, or create a new block with the

  • Date_diff Smarty Function

    This is a Smarty Function file that can be installed into your plugins for smarty to provide the capability of calculating the time between two dates in either minutes, days, weeks, and years.Input - date1 = "mm/dd/yyyy" or "yyyy/mm/dd" or "yyyy-mm-d

  • Text Image W/ Font

    Create an image with text and give it a font. The image is automatically sized to the text.

  • Pagination Function

    This is a simple function to create pagination links; what would you need when you split large data into several pages. The function is very simple and easy to customize. It takes 4 arguments.You will be able to control its appearance by us

  • Functions For Upload And Download Files

    These functions are used to upload and download files over HTTP. It opens socket connection to the remote host and make HTTP requests. Use these functions to easily upload and download files within your PHP code.Features: - No dependencies - Upload a

  • Function To Resize Images In Php

    Very easy and useful function to resize images (of png,gif and jpg extensions) in php. It could be integrated in your scripts to make the image resize task easier. You can specify any new resize dimensions to your original images.

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