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  • Php Server Monitor 3.0.1

    PHP Server Monitor will ping a list of servers, websites, and services, logging their status in a MySQL database.If the server is up and running, PHP Server Monitor will log for how many hours the server has been up, and if the server is down, it wil

  • Site Status Script

    Site Status Script can be used for developers that want to keep track of their clients' servers and available services.The script will query a list of preset servers and ports and show their status in a nice looking HTML table.This operation is only

  • Windows Azure Sdk For Php 0.4.0

    Windows Azure SDK for Ruby allows developers to use the Tables, Blobs, Queues, Service Runtime, Service Management and Service Bus REST APIs.To avoid a heavy library, each API is implemented in its own package, easy to be called anywhere in the app,

  • Json Rpc 2.0 Server

    JSON RPC 2.0 Server is a small script for listening to remote calls and answering with JSON data.Supports named and indexed parameters.The script is ideal for running a JSON RPC API.

  • Php-varnish

    The php-varnish package contains a PHP class and WordPress plugin allowing PHP developers to work with the Varnish caching and HTTP acceleration system. Programmers can use php-varnish for several operations:- interact with the Varnish admin- check t

  • Neat Index 0.1

    The file and folder browser (index) for Apache servers is pretty minimal and unattractive.Neat Index adds a nicer look to the default index and allows creative minds to make their own designs as well. Requirements:· PHP 5.3 or higher· PHP's

  • Mobile Proxy Capri 2.0

    The server allows users navigating the Web on mobile devices to view non-mobile friendly pages from their phone.Mobile Proxy parses a page, stripes it of various CSS styles and presents a bare-bone version of it. Requirements:· PHP 5 or higher&#

  • Servcheck 1.1

    Can work with multiple hosts and services. The config file is self explanatory and simple to use.Installation:1. Download package, decompress and upload it to a web server.2. Edit the config file with the desired serviecs to watch.3. Edit the im

  • Woodywebbacker 0.4

    Can compress an entire website, with its database and send it to the webmaster.Supports sending compressed data to a FTP account, via email or to an Amazon S3 account.Can also be run as a cron job for automating the backup process.If the compressed a

  • Source Mod Stats

    The engine is built on top of the server query tool in the Valve Source SDK. It needs to be configured with gaming server details and it will store data in a MySQL database.

  • Abstract Xmlrpc Server 1.0

    All is done with one simple line of code. Automatically generates the client class as well.

  • Pirum v1.1.4

    Pirum allows PHP developers to setup PEAR channels for their PHP code. Pirum is just one file.It's a command line tool written in PHP with no external dependencies.It doesn't use a database.Pirum is stable enough to be used by companies like Apache,

  • Nix Proxy Script 1.3.2

    The server will allow the user to safely browse the Internet, without revealing his location. Here are some key features of "NiX Proxy Script":· Due to advanced server-side caching, the script consumes the least possible resources and improves s

  • H5ai 0.22.1

    It will allow users/developers to navigate Apache-delivered file indexes via a superb GUI.Comes as a JS and PHP implementation. The PHP implementation is much faster.Recent versions also support other servers like lighttpd, nginx and Cherokee. Requir

  • Uguduwa revision 9

    The server does not use a specific port address. Just place it in a server's root and modifyy host details.When done, just configure the proxy server's details in a browser and start navigating the web.

  • Project Mugatiya v2

    For most cases it works like a proper proxy such as Squid or Apache.To accommodate HTTPS, this proxy has to do a URL rewrite.This proxy can be used for affiliate advertising and has an in built Turing Test supplied by to keep SEO bots a

  • Waterspout 1.1

    It is a lightweight web server capable of handling WebSocket requests.When used as part of an event-driven server pair, WaterSpout enables real-time communication between the user's browser and the server using WebSockets or long polling.This techniq

  • Streeme 0.6.0

    It uses PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and HTML5 to deliver music to browsers and mobile apps the same. Here are some key features of "Streeme":General features:· Protected login· Adaptable interface· Settings page· Audio player controls&

  • Flickr Offline Mirror 2011-02-12

    The script must be used from the PHP console.It's main purpose is for mirroring information from Flickr to an external hard drive location. Requirements:· Flickr API key What's New in This Release: · Fixed for loop in download_all, where th

  • Xcloner 3.4

    It comes as a stand-alone app, a Joomla component and WordPress plugin.Backups can be generated, moved,copied and restored.The administration interface is powered by jQuery UI and password protected. Here are some key features of "XCloner":General fe

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