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  • Crawlprotect 3.2.5b

    CrawlProtect is just like a desktop firewall or antivirus software, only it works for your website instead.CrawlProtect will help webmasters perform basic steps and operations into securing their site against hackers and various type of malicious att

  • Viruschecker

    The VirusChecker package can help programmers check local files or sanitize uploaded content by running them against one or more PHP plugins and extensions provided by World famous antivirus manufactures.VirusChecker can check a file against antiviru

  • Cryptool 1.1

    Security is not valued at its proper level of importance in Web apps and websites these days. Even with Anonymous' ravaging websites left and right, most developers still don't implement basic protection measures with their code.This is mainly due to

  • Php Security Audit 1.4

    PHP Security Audit is a single PHP file which webmasters can add to their server and run it to detect problems in the hosting configuration.For each detected loophole and exploit, PHP Security Audit also suggests a potential fix or first step of acti

  • Spamip 1.3.1

    spamIP can be installed on any PHP-based website or Web service to prevent it from being flooded with spam bots.spamIP uses a MySQL databases to store information about visitors and IPs marked as spammers (via the service), and also

  • Iosec 1.8.2

    IOSEC is a simple PHP script that can be added to any PHP project to provide a simple protection mechanism against users with a huge amount of HTTP requests/second.When IOSEC detects a problematic user it blocks him from accessing the website and sen

  • Encryptme 1.0

    encryptMe allows developers to support easy data encrypting and decrypting with the help of a few PHP files.The library can be used add safeguard measures to any PHP application, encryptMe being very easy to embed into any existing PHP-based project.

  • Phpsec 0.6.1

    phpSec will help webmasters that can't afford to pay thousands and thousands of dollars every month for advanced security systems or Web-based firewalls.The library provides a free set of tools that will help them protect their applications against a

  • Visualcaptcha For Php 0.0.1

    visualCaptcha can help developers in protecting their online forms from spam bots and automated hacking attempts. Because it relies on mouse clicks to validate a form, most bots fail and only live human-based submissions can validate visualCaptcha. T

  • Owasp Bricks 1.6

    OWASP Bricks was purposely developed with huge security holes in its core and is not suitable for any kind of production usage.It's main role is to help developers learn about security issues and hacking techniques.Programmers can test their skills i

  • Phpseclib 0.3.5

    phpseclib is not a library per se, but a collection of pure-PHP implementations of various security standards and protocols.It allows developers to boost their application or website's security with known and recommended best industry practices. Here

  • Openpgp.php 0.0.1

    Defined by the RFC 4880 standard the class can encode and decode ASCII-protected OpenPGP messages. OpenPGP.php is currently used with the OpenPGP Drupal module. Here are some key features of "OpenPGP.php":· Can handle encode and decode operation

  • Phpcaptcha 1.0

    PhpCaptcha uses a set of configuration options to produce a wide range of CAPTCHA fields, even with support for audio playback.The library is nothing more than a simple PHP class, that overlays text at various sizes and colors on top of a background

  • [email protected] 0.2.1

    [email protected] (or SP64in) uses various open source tools to hide an email address under a generic text.To view the email address, the user needs to click the generic text and fill in a CAPTCHA field in the tooltip that appears.A second click is required to s

  • A Simple Php Captcha Script

    CAPTCHAs are a security measure for blocking automated form bots and is one of the best spam filters around."A simple PHP CAPTCHA script" creates such a CAPTCHA system via PHP and its GD library.The library simply generates a random text on top of a

  • Ninjafirewall 1.1.0 (13.01.19) / 1.0.1-WP

    It allows PHP developers to protect their PHP website against various attacks it may be under.Even if it can work as a stand-alone, NinjaFirewall is also compatible with most common CMSs and e-commerce platforms, like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Virtu

  • Simplesiteaudit 1.5.3

    SimpleSiteAudit (SSA) monitors files on a site installation and quickly reports about changes to them.For real-time protection, it can send emails to the webmaster whenever an intrusion is detected.Version 1.4.x is for single site installations, whil

  • Portable Php Password Hashing Framework 0.3

    Password hashing is one of the most basic security considerations that must be made when designing any application that accepts passwords from users.It mangles password strings, so they are not easy legible.Default hashing method is OpenBSD-style Blo

  • Stopspamreferer 1.0.1

    Can be easily integrated withready-made PHP-driven applications like CMSs, blogs, forums, CRMs, etc..StopSpamReferer it is known to work with Drupal, e107, Elxis, Exv2, Joomla, Mambo, MemHT, ModX, NPDS, NukedKlan, PHPBoost, PHP Maximus, PHP Nuke, Pra

  • Php Firewall 1.0.3

    Install and start immediately protecting a website against abuses, attacks and spam flow. Here are some key features of "PHP Firewall":· Sanitize cookies· Sanitizes POST and GET vars· Protect URL queries· Deny access to users with

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