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  • Php Search Engine 1.4.4

    PHP Search Engine is not an actual search engine technology like Lucene or ElasticSearch, not indexing any kind of data in a database or local index.It merely allows users to search for data in a file structure, by sequentially crawling each resource

  • Elastica 1.1.0

    ElasticSearch is a distributed RESTful Java search engine with support for real-time search analytics, built specifically for cloud computing infrastructures. ElasticSearch is based on Apache Lucene. Elastica sets up a basic interface for searching a

  • Php Elasticsearch Client 1.0.2

    PHP Elasticsearch Client sets up a basic interface for searching and indexing content inside PHP-based projects using the well-known and widely-used ElasticSearch search engine.This library is an officially supported ElasticSearch client.Other offici

  • Php Book Search Engine 1.0

    PHP Book Search Engine can be used without any problems when wanting to build affiliate book re-selling websites.It comes with a very easy to use interface, mainly because of its heavy AJAX integration. Here are some key features of "PHP Book Search

  • Tubekit Beta 4.7

    TubeKit was developed for programmers to scrape various type of data from YouTube's service.It relies on cron jobs and a MySQL database to work and it also comes with an easy project setup tool for fast turnarounds. Here are some key features of "Tub

  • Tut's Search Engine

    Tut's Search Engine can be integrated with any PHP and MySQL-based website to add a simple yet powerful search function.Works as any other search engine would. It shows a search field and retrieves the results displaying them under the search form wi

  • Yioop! 0.941

    Open sourced, Yioop! allows webmasters to run their very own search engine for keeping up with changes across the Internet.Can be configured to crawl the whole Internet, or just a specific list of URLs and domains.Once crawled, site details are archi

  • Find/replace Text In File 1.4

    It can also works with a batch of files in a directory, chosen according to a mask. The script is recursive and can perform search or replacement in all subdirectories.It is a command line program with a binary and PHP executable. What's New in This

  • Open Harvester Systems 2.3.2

    OHS (Open Harvester Systems) indexes and creates searchable listings of metadata from Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-compliant archives.OAI services include sites using Open Journal Systems (OJS) or Open Conference Systems (OCS). Here are some key fe

  • Relevant Site Pages Searcher 1.0.3

    It searches a domain using Google for given keywords.By default it will return the three most relevant URLs for given keywords.Written in PHP, JavaScript, CSV, AJAX and search results caching. Requirements:· PHP· PHP's curl, json extensions

  • Php Web Crawler 1.0.0

    Written in PHP, it can differentiate from normal navigation links and static data like files, image sources and other multimedia files usually found embedded in a web page.A Python version is also available. Here are some key features of "PHP Web Cra

  • Storelocator

    The widget consists of a map and search field.Searching a location, the widget shows available restaurants inside a preset radius.The results are shown on the left sidebar, which when the user selects one, it highlights the location on the map shown

  • Find Files

    On the top of the script, the user can enter search settings for his search query (filename(s) to look for, where to start looking and how deep to traverse the directory tree).The script lists the files by directory showing filename, date modified, p

  • Url Submit Script

    This is a good tool for SEO optimization. Here are some key features of "URL Submit Script":· Install in 1 minute· Offer service for your visitors· Language file (easy to translate)· Easy add or remove engines (flat file) Requirem

  • Vufind 1.0 RC2

    The goal of VuFind is to enable users to search and browse through all of the library's resources by replacing the traditional OPAC to include: Catalog Records, Locally Cached Journals, Digital Library Items, Institutional Repository, Institutional B

  • Important People

    It uses Twitter's API service and/or Yahoo's YQL service to pull data from Twitter about the search criteria.Results are color coded and can also be downloaded as a CSV. Important users are colored in bright yellow, less important users pink, and reg

  • Mappatube 0.4

    A mindmap of YouTube videos is built, based on a search string.Each of the video tags allow for another search. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· Flash Player on client side What's New in This Release: New features:· Sh

  • Ajax And Php Search Engine

    This is a simple demonstration of "Search using Ajax".When the user enters the search keyword, it displays the number of records matching with that keyword even before clicking the "Search" button (before submitting page). It also displays detailed s

  • Search Network Script

    Search Network Script allows you to easily add a quick and robust search engine application to your website.Features:Accurate Search Results Uses Yahoo and MSN search results, thus operating as a meta search engine to find the top results from the to

  • Shop Finder Australia

    Does your business have physical locations? Are you a distributor or manufacturer of goods and services sold across Australia? Then one of the best uses of your site is to promote your company’s products and services through online brochures, c

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