• Savsoft Online Test Script 8.0

    Website administrators can integrate a quizzing script in their site to get user feedback on different matters. Here are some key features of "SavSoft Online Test Script":· MVC architecture· Developed on CodeIgniter· Question bank util

  • Testsitescript

    TestSiteScript is an online testing script.Takes only a few minutes to install, but can keep your users hooked for hours on end with loads of interesting tests. Make your own or let your users add tests for you! Simple to use and even easier to own.

  • Zoki Test

    Zoki Test script allows to create your own online tests on any website.Features: - Don't require DataBase (optional) - No page reloading - Based on AJAX (asynchronous requests for data) - Does not overload server - HTML generates and inserts on clien

  • Test / Quiz

    Test / Quiz script helps you to create a simple test with an "one-from-many" answers choise. Datas for the each test or quiz is kept into the separated XML-files. The results of the test are shown only on the screen ( they ar

  • Watu Exam 1.6

    It allows admins to add multiple questions, answers with single/multiple selections and assign points to the give answers.Based on the points collected the user can receive assigned grade or a quiz result. The tool can also be used as a survey.The us

  • Iquiz 1.0

    iQuiz is a simple script created by urQuiz to help other webmasters create a quiz on there website for free. The script is very simple to install and configure. You can create quizzes of any complexity. Being made in an interpreted programming langua

  • Cj Questionnaire Builder 1.0

    The CJ Questionnaire Builder is the perfect tool for conducting questionnaires over the web. Gathering primary research is a mundane, tedious task - with the CJ Questionnaire Builder you can make light work of questionnaires by adding your participan

  • Wpquiz 2.7

    wpQuiz is a fully-featured quiz script. It allows the creation of multiple quizzes with the capability to record the progress (scores) of multiple users. With the administration panel, quizzes can be imported and exported, and the quiz application tw

  • Xmlquiz 2.3

    Images and/or links can be added to each question in order to provide hints.InstallationDownload and unzip the archive.Upload the files to your Web server.Point your browser to the quiz.php location. Here are some key features of "xmlQuiz":· Eas

  • Nuke Quiz 1.2.5

    Nuke Quiz is a Quiz addon module for php-nuke. It supports radio and checkbox single/multiple choice questions, with a statistics addon for peer review, and a comprehensive admin management system. It is fully nuke compliant and database inspecific.

  • Easyquiz 1.4

    This is a simple, yet very powerful/flexible, PHP-Based Quizing system where the admin can make as many questions he wants and point values for each question. Then, the user will take the quiz. There are many features such as rankings.

  • Ple Cms 4.2

    an online, cross-platform CMS for Pre Lecture Exercises (PLEs) or other quiz related materials using PHP, Javascript, and Mysql. Through the web interface, the program allows the creation of assignments with only a limited knowledge of html.

  • Examserver 0.0.1

    ExamServer is used to test the candidate skills. ExamServer is a server used to conduct online exam for the candidates. It stores bunch of questions in MySQL database. The questions are retrieved and displayed randomly using PHP with help of HTML.

  • Pre Online Tests Generator Pro

    Pre Online Tests Generator Pro allows you to create unlimited number of questions from admin panel but limited questions will be shown on user end randomly from question bank. You can add Audio, Videos and more then one image in your questi

  • Limesurvey 2.00 / 2.05 beta 3

    LimeSurvey is a PHP-based web application that allows you to develop and publish online multi-question multi-lingual surveys. In addition to a large range of question types, and presentation methods, LimeSurvey also allows for survey branching (ie: c

  • Tcexam 9.0.025

    An e-exam (or CBT - Computer Based Testing) is an electronic exam that can be executed by using a personal computer or an equivalent electronic device (e.g. handheld computer).This software allows simplifying the exam cycles, including generating, ex

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