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  • Php Coding Standards Fixer 0.2.0 / 0.3-DEV

    It works by analyzing a piece of PHP code and comparing it to the PSR-1 and PSR-2 coding standards.Based on the got results, it then tries to fix the code to comply as much as possible to the standard.Preset configs are provided for default PHP proje

  • Lisphp 0.9.0

    Lisphp can be used embed Lisp-like features in web services and applications.It works with PHP 5.2.5 or higher, but when running on PHP 5.3 or higher, it is integrated with lambda functions well.It implements a sandbox environment for security issues

  • Xp Language 5.8.13

    The download package contains the language's source and a compiler.Specially developed for the XP Framework, the XP language is based on PHP. Limitations:· As the language itself is written in the XP Framework, no binary or proprietary extension

  • Stream.php

    stream.js is a JavaScript library that adds support for a new data structure, streams. A stream is a new data structure, similar to arrays and linked lists, but with new capabilities.

  • Html Compressor 1.0.0

    Can be used as a stand-alone PHP script or integrated with WordPress.The script tries to reduce the filesize of an HTML document by removing unnecessary whitespace at the beginning and end of lines, condensing multiple spaces into one, and stripping

  • Structy 1.0

    The generated PHP classes will ease the access to the database through various advanced methods.Structy helps developers create proper object oriented web applications.t is much safer to use objects with appropriate data access methods to access data

  • Php Object Oriented Programming Reinvented

    The main idea is that classes aren’t really very special at all, they’re just objects like everything else.The classes aren't forced to even have names.The developer should give his class a name by giving the variable it’s assigned

  • Yui Php Loader 1.0.0b2

    YUI PHP Loader can operate as a holistic solution by loading all of your necessary YUI components, or it can be used to add one or more components to a page on which some YUI content already exists.The utility detects all the components it needs to l

  • Php-function-rename

    This is an utility function for PHP's core, allowing renaming functions.Usage:<?phpfunction old_function() { }rename_function('old_function', 'new_function');

  • Packer.php 1.1

    PHP4 and PHP5 versions are included.Tested under PHP 5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4, 5.2.3. Here are some key features of "packer.php":· Usage and comments in source.· There are 2 examples in this archive for PHP 5. Requirements:· PHP 4 or 5 What

  • Inclued 1.00

    It will analyze the structure of PHP files (includes, requires, include_once and require once scripts) and build a readable schema structure of all linking files.The script obtains information about PHP included files and using Graphviz, will be able

  • Registry Class

    With all the variables in one place, programmers can spend more time using them, than managing their locations.Variable values can be stored in three ways:Temp: Variables are accessible withing one script execution (like normal variables).Session: Va

  • Php Template Skor

    Comes with support for placeholders and sections. Here are some key features of "PHP Template SKOR":· PHP Code will be separated from markup (HTML, XML, RSS, RTF, etc.).· Designer and developer can work at the same time.· Small and eas

  • Outlet 0.7

    It differs from other orm solutions for PHP in that it provides transparent, unobtrusive persistence.It does not require your entity objects to implement any interfaces or extend some sort of base class.It is also very lightweight, only a handful of

  • Php 5.4.15 / 5.3.16 / 5.5.0 RC 1

    This is a world famous general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development or web-based applications.PHP needs a server to run from.From here you can download the PHP core source code. For OS-specific binaries, please use

  • Vuzitphp 1.0.0

    PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT electronic documents can be viewed, deleted or uploaded through the methods provided by the library.Vuzit is an online electronic document storage, viewing, and services platform.

  • Singleton Design Pattern

    The singleton design pattern is a way of enforcing only one instance of an object. This is achieved by making 3 fairly simple steps to a class. Firstly making the constructor private, creating a static member variable that will contain the instance a

  • Analysing Php Objects And Classes

    Explanation of how you can view a PHP object or class with examples included.What is this all useful for? Generally on the whole PHP’s documentation is very good. However, it doesn’t always show the differences between versions of PHP cle

  • Vz Poll System 0.32

    Vz Poll System is written in PHP/MySQL and is a complete managing system to administrate polls on your web sites. It is simple and powerfull at the same time. You can customize everything and you have a lot of options, it has been made to be useful t

  • Japha

    The functionality captured in the JPI includes I/O, utility classes such as data structures, Web service architecture, and reflection classes, lang classes for implementing a standardized API, bean classes for creating a standard bean implementation,

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