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  • Cubet Board

    Cubet Board is not a full Pinterest clone, but practically works on the same principles.Users can register, login, create, and manage their image collections. Photos can be added to one or more boards, private or public.Users can then share these pho

  • Claromentis 7

    Claromentis is a truly versatile Intranet engine, merging a large collection of tools together, tools critical in managing and running an offline or online company.Webmasters can use Claromentis for a wide range of tasks, from human resource manageme

  • Bizplexus 1.3

    Bizplexus is a PHP and MySQL based Intranet solution. It is a complete script that can manage every facet of someone's business, from the public website, to the administration backend, to clients, support tickets, appointments, sales, online shops, a

  • Craftedweb 9/24/13

    If you're running your own WoW-like game on top of a TrinityCore emulator, then CraftedWeb is for you.The CMS will help you provide a website for your realm, where users can create accounts and integrate them with their realm characters and accounts.

  • Edusec 2.1.1

    EduSec was especially crafted to help webmasters run a complex college website, starting from the visible frontend, and up to an administration backend.EduSec is not limited only to students, teachers and courses, but can also be used in managing mor

  • Cwis 2.4.1

    CWIS stands for Collection Workflow Integration System and is an open source system written in PHP and MySQL.It can be used by educational or research groups for organizing online resources about their or related activities.CWIS can be used as a cent

  • Oxwall 1.5.3

    Oxwall was designed to allow webmasters to build and run online communities, portals and social networks.The Oxwall platform allows users to interact with one another and share content between them.This includes messages, news, music, videos and many

  • Movim 0.6

    MOVIM stands for My Open Virtual Identity Manager.Movim provides all the elements of a modern day social network (like Facebook), from chats, to update streams and up to personalized account pages. Here are some key features of "Movim":· Modern

  • Restaurant Menu Script 1.1

    Use it to manage a restaurant's menu, or just to embed it in other apps or CMSs. Here are some key features of "Restaurant Menu script":· Graphic installer· Admin installer· Unlimited menus· Add images to menus· Add images to

  • Recipes Site Script 1.1

    Helpful for restaurants, chefs or just amateur cooks for listing and sharing cooking recipes. Here are some key features of "Recipes Site script":· Graphic installer· Admin management panel· Widgets for listing top rated or recent reci

  • Peoplepods 0.9

    PeoplePods permits developers to build an online community where users meet, talk, share, read, work, publish and explore content, just like on networks like Twitter, or Facebook. Here are some key features of "PeoplePods":· Graphic in

  • Open Atrium 1.7 / 2.0-alpha2

    Open Atrium is completely customizable, allowing easy integration and adaptation to any system and work environment.It is a great solution for team projects or company intranets. Here are some key features of "Open Atrium":· Dashboards· Blo

  • Networx v.1.0.4

    The library can be used to create online communities and corporate marketing initiatives to drive customer loyalty and increase customer experience. NetworkX can be easily used for building social networks, online communities, or just to run a simple

  • Job Boards Pro 1

    It has four major parts: the admin section, the front-end, the employee section and the employer's section.Easy to use interface makes job hunting so easy and effective. Here are some key features of "Job Boards Pro":Candidate Features:· Search

  • Gforge Advanced Server 6.2.0

    GForge Advanced Server is completely redesigned and rewritten from scratch to make a modular, modern system that is easy to install and maintain.Based on an object-oriented plugin architecture, it's also very easy to extend.Current major community we

  • Shareigniter 1.0.1

    It supports both PHP 4 and PHP 5, being a great script to power tube sites across the web. Here are some key features of "ShareIgniter":· 99.9% full source code· Corporate quality Admin Panel· Full UTF-8 support· Fully customizabl

  • Apple Iphone Pointter Php Micro-blogging 1.0

    PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and MySQL are being used in building and running this tool. Here are some key features of "Apple Iphone Pointter PHP Micro-Blogging":USER-END FEATURES:· Create An Account With Avatar Confirm Account· Change Profi

  • X10 Arcadwy Gaming Script

    There are packs available with 300, 4000 and 7110 games included for an pre-built portal system. Here are some key features of "x10 Arcadwy Gaming Script":· User Registration - Visitors can register and have their accounts on website, its a good

  • Openpne 3.1.2

    Users can manage friends, send invitations, read and write diaries, blogs, follow feeds, send messages to one another and much more. Requirements:· PHP 5.2.3 or higher· MySQL 4.1 or higher or PostgreSQL, SQLite· mod_rewrite activated

  • Game Script 4.0

    It supports flash games, JavaScript games and regular PHP games.The portal is fitted with a control panel for easy administration task like game adding/deletion, user management, generating ranks and more.For those who don't have time to collect all

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