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  • Php Poll 1.4.1

    PHP Poll is easy to configure, allowing anyone to create their own custom polls and easily embed them on their site.Polls can be shown on their own pages, or inside other pages via an iframe.Once the user has cast his vote in the survey, PHP Poll aut

  • Uranus 2.3

    URANUS supports popular usability surveying techniques, perfect for measuring a website or service's usability metrics.Installation and usage manuals are included with the download package. Here are some key features of "URANUS":

  • Php Polls System 1.0

    PHP Polls System was designed to help webmasters get his visitor's feedback on various topics.It can be used in a plethora of ways, allowing easy poll building and feedback gathering operations. Here are some key features of "PHP Polls System":·

  • Php Poll With Images

    PHP Poll with Images allows users to vote on content with the aid of image-based buttons.The poll is very easy to setup and calculates results as soon as the user votes in the poll. Here are some key features of "PHP Poll with Images":· No page

  • Employness

    Working on top of PHP's Symfony framework and using a MySQL data storage backend, Employness will allow users to register and vote their daily work performance.Over time, as ratings rack up for each users, they can review their progress and evolution

  • Simplepoll

    Unlike many similar plugins, SimplePoll does not require a database to keep answered stored.It saves polls, answers and votes inside JSON files, making the entire system very portable from server to server.SimplePoll also comes with an administration

  • Poll Creator

    This is the source code of the website, a polling system for online users. Here are some key features of "Poll Creator":· Poll reports· User authentication· Membership system· Embedding options· Multiple answers&#

  • Colorrating 1.0

    ColorRating requires no database setup, software or administration as it comes with it’s own SQLite database.ColorRating is small - only 5kbs of CSS/JS/PHP - and degrades gracefully for users without JavaScript. Requirements:· JavaScript enabl

  • Poll

    This gives you the bare bones of a polling interface from which users can set up different polls to query their friends.The poll's design can be changed from CSS. Here are some key features of "Poll":· Add/Edit/Delete polls in the admin panel

  • Rating System 1.1

    Come swith 3 GUIs for different integration environments.It makes it simple to add new ratings and show to your users what the current score of the item is. Here are some key features of "Rating System":· PHP Example Pages (Fully Documented)

  • Itlpoll System 3.2.4

    The system is complete with an administration interface where admins or simple users can create, edit, delete, activate or deactivate polls.Results are shown using pie charts and bar graphs. Here are some key features of "ITLPoll System":· Creat

  • Star Rating

    It can be added to any PHP dynamic or HTML static page. Here are some key features of "Star Rating":· Have as many stars as needed· Extremely flexible, style with css as much as you want· Use anywhere on your site· No Database req

  • Mindless Rating

    the user needs just to call a function with a certain parameter passed and the script automatically renders the stars with attached links to rate the articles. Here are some key features of "Mindless Rating":· Extremely flexible.· Only need

  • Websitecds 1

    If a change is detected, the script can send an email to the owner.

  • Cool Quotes

    It will extract random customer quotes from a database and will display them dynamically on the website.The script can be integrated into any existing PHP page using a simple include command.The CSS stylesheet is editable and can be personalized. Her

  • Og Project

    Without this module, the issue tracker does not work if you enable organic groups.Installation - Unpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules. Requirements:· Drupal 5.x

  • Bio Jeff Robbins

    Any node-type can be assigned as the bio or Bio module can provide its own node type. The bio can display on the users' profile pages and/or it can add "View [username]'s [Bio]" links to nodes.Installation - Unpack in your modules folder (usually /si

  • Glossword Glossary Compiler 1.8.10

    Glossword Glossary Compiler helps you to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or reference.Features - Adding terms to dictionary by several people at the same time. - UTF-8 encoding. More than 400 languages can be used in a on

  • Datagrid Class 2008-05-06

    This is a datagrid class which can show the MySQL result set which you pass to it as a paged list. It can be completely styled using CSS.Features - Order by any of the columns in both ascending and descending directions - Tailored to MySQL - Allows a

  • Phpwebziner 20070611

    pHpWebziner is a Content Management System that helps build a website with no technical skills in html or css.It is suited for websites with rich content or content changed frequently, like e-magazines.pHpWebziner handles three types of content: - ne

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