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  • Puja 1.1

    Templates are the way developers solve the problem of dynamic websites.They create one generic page, and using special placeholder tags (the template syntax) they insert content based on the URL the user is accessing.Puja supports this mechanism for

  • Php-cache-class

    The php-cache-class uses a classic singleton design pattern to deal with cached data, providing a generic interface for interacting with various caching mediums.This way developers can write the cache handling part of their application one time and s

  • Phpfastcache 1.3 / 2.1

    phpFastCache works by caching database queries and saving the results to a caching engine, storing it and serving it up to users visiting the site.This way the database results and pages are served from the caching engine instead of being compiled ov

  • Php Pagination Class 1.0

    The PHP Pagination Class can be used to prevent large database results to mess up a page.This class will parse query results and only allow a few of them at a time to be displayed on a page.The PHP Pagination Class will automatically create a paginat

  • Simple Php Sitemap Class

    The class uses the WGET and SED command line tools to parse a website's structure and generate the sitemap file.Simple PHP Sitemap Class works based on domain name, so it can be used to generate sitemap files for any website, not just the one it runs

  • Dbbackup

    DbBackup is a one-file PHP class. In this single file, both database and backup settings are stored, along with the code that handles the database dump.The DbBackup PHP class can handle sendinb MySQL dumps to a desired email address, while also creat

  • Php User Class

    The PHP User class is written following OOP guidelines and uses a MySQL database to store user details.The class will help developers add a basic user management feature to their PHP apps.The PHP User class package includes the following out of the b

  • Paginator

    The Paginator class can work with data obtained from a PHP array, a CSV file or a remote MySQL database.MySQL data can be retrieved using the PHP MySQL extension or via PDO.The pager UI supports next, previous, first and last controls, along with the

  • Formsaver

    The FormSaver class is perfect for reflecting the form filled with the previously submitted values.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:

  • Punypng

    PunyPNG is a free online photo optimization tool that reduces the file size of images without any loss to its quality.The "PunyPNG" PHP class allows developers to submit images to the PunyPNG service and fetch the optimized image back.It works with o

  • Datavalidator

    The class can be used to power server-side validation procedures for data sent in via a contact form.DataValidator supports sequence, all-at-once and mix validation checks.It can also work with various validation rules libraries, but the default pack

  • Php-ioc

    PHP-IoC uses a configuration file to store dependencies between classes.Using these config files, applications can be slimmed down in size by only loaded the appropriate code wherever it's needed. Requirements:

  • Php-config

    PHP-Config is a solution for extracting settings from a config file and passing them to more complex text processing systems.Various examples are included with the class' download package. Requirements:

  • Markup

    The "Markup" class allows developers to render dynamically customized HTML tags.This eliminates the need of using HTML inside PHP files, using 100% PHP to generate the page's content.For usage instructions, check the class' source code for comments.

  • Jsonrpcphp

    JSON-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in JSON, similar to the XML-RPC protocol.JsonRpcPhp is a portable PHP package for implementing JSON-RPC support with any application or website. Here are some key features of "JsonRpcPhp":

  • Router

    The Routes class follows DSL syntax converting URLs to regular expressions and then matching them on a first-match basis.Router also supports wildcard matches, alpha-numeric strings, PHP variable syntax and more.Usage instructions are included with t

  • Php-myrouter

    PHP-MyRouter provides an out-of-the-box working PHP router, packaged as a small PHP class that can be added to any PHP app or website.Usage instructions are included with the class' README file.

  • Minicat

    Minicat was created to help webmasters improve the overall performance of their site by delivering resource files in as fewer files possible, at the smallest sizes possible.Minicat was designed to be used from the PHP CLI.

  • Php-bbcode

    All BBCode read via php-bbcode is converted to raw HTML text, ready to be embedded on any Web page.php-bbcode was specifically designed to use regex strings.Bo doing this, complex nested tags are unsupported.

  • Tvdb Api Class 1.0

    The class is actually a wrapper for the official TvDB API, allowing easy queries via HTTP requests.Various types of information can be retrieved with "TVDb API Class", including:TV shows for a given nameTV shows for a given IDEpisode listsEpisode det

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