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  • News Script Php Pro 1.5

    News Script PHP Pro is an enhanced version f the News Script PHP script. It works practically the same way, with most of the original features, but with a few extra ones as well.On top of the classic ProfiAnts features like one-file installer, admini

  • Fast Logs 1.0

    The word "Logs" in Fast Logs might make someone think the script is related to the operation of "logging" - recording actions inside an application for later debugging. But it's not. It's a generic term for an entry which in term can be used to defin

  • Noostr 0.6-1005.11.1200

    It's just like Hacker News and Reddit, allowing users to register, share and read community news. Here are some key features of "Noostr":· Graphic installer· Easy administration· User accounts· Rating system· Comment on news&

  • Articlesetup 1.1

    ArticleSetup allows users to submit stories and the admin to approve/edit/publish them to the site. Here are some key features of "ArticleSetup":General Features:· Clean, customizable design· Powerful admin panel· Category management&#

  • Phpns 2.2.3 b1

    The system is flexible enough to integrate into existing designs with ease, but it also features its own template/theme files for more advanced customization.InstallationExtract the archive in any directory you want.Visit the directory in the browser

  • Article Publishing Script

    Article Script allows you to publish your own articles or from the publishers or authors. Aministrator can go to admin page to edit, delete or manage articles, authors and categories. and the member can post articles as an author or just can read the

  • My Automated News

    The script gives you an automated, news aggregation system for your website, that allows your visitors to create and define categories to receive the exact news they want. My Automated News is a professional, cost-effective news publishing solut

  • Vbmagazine

    vBmagazine allows you to display a section of your site (or your homepage) like a magazine with more than 48 different included ways to choose from, with possibility to add hundreds more.You can create one or unlimited different magazines, each with

  • Life Stories Script

    Life Stories script is a revolutionary new piece of software which allows users on your website to submit their life stories. Make your timeline (life story) about anything. Collaborate with family and friends or share it with whoever you want. Use o

  • Hb-ns 1.3

    HB-NS is a simple php script meant to enable one to update a webpage with short to medium long pieces of text, without having to use an HTML editor and ftp client. It is useful for simple blogs, travelogs, siteupdate notes, homepagenews, changed

  • News Application

    This is a simple news application that is easily configured and formatted to adapt to any existing website. A simple, 1 line PHP file inclusion will place the "Top Story" column wherever you choose on your website. Administrator can add and delete st

  • Article Rewriter Script

    Are you wanting to get a lot of traffic through article marketing? Are you wanting to avoid Google penalizing your articles search engine results placement for duplicate content? This script solves that problem. Within seconds, you can turn your exis

  • Articlefriend Script 2.0

    ArticleFriend Script is leading software for developing online article directories such as GoArticles and ArticleBase. What’s more is that this one is even better. Here’s your chance to go ahead with your very own turnkey article director

  • Newstopica

    Using the powerful engine of PHP Link Directory, NewsTopica brings a whole new concept, allowing you to create your own news or blog aggregation site:Create Categories - you can create categories for news or blog topics. You may import multiple feeds

  • Mkhabar News Ticker/bar

    mKhabar News Ticker/Bar is a script designed for continuous retrieval of news headlines from 24x7 Live WAP news site It is simple news ticker in PHP, You can include the code at the top or the bottom of your webpage to displays news

  • Newsoffice 2.0.20 Beta

    One of the main things that differentiates NewsOffice from other similar platforms is that it stores everything in plain text files, thus not requiring a database which some hosting setups don't offer.Installation:Unpack the archive.Upload the NewsOf

  • Litenews

    LiteNews is a simplistic, lightweight, standards-compliant content management system that allows you to publish and maintain short news articles or blog posts.This script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs. It contains a RE

  • Php News Display

    PHP News Display script allows you to update your news section.It is entirely automatic, you just add new news to a text file and it will update itself. You can even customize the maximum number of entries. To use this code you must keep a text file

  • Rv Article Publisher

    RV Article Publisher allows you to publish a articles, FAQs and more.Features:Article categories and articles: - Web based admistration for adding and editing categories and articles. - You can publish any kind of articles like business articles, new

  • Article Management System (ams) 2.42

    AMS is a highly modified version of the News 1.2 for Xoops, and adds a huge amount of features to give the webmasters a lot more control over their content while still maintaining an easy to understand and use interface. AMS is highly scalable, and i

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