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  • Phpipam 0.8

    phpIPAM was built to help administrators of large Internet networks manage their IPs and the clients assigned to each of them.It's a visual tool for managing the network via a Web browser, built on PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap. Here are some key feature

  • Jaxl 3.0.0-alpha-1

    The library can be used when writing custom TCP/IP client and server implementations running on the XMPP protocol. Here are some key features of "JAXL":· Asynchronous· Non-blocking I/O· Event-based· Support for HTTP, TCP and IP pr

  • Universal Port Scanner 1.0

    Just enter an IP or URL, the start and the end port. Here are some key features of "Universal Port Scanner":· Scan Single Port· Scan range of ports· Optimized for speed· Objected Oriented PHP code for easier integration

  • Phport-scanner

    The script can be executed from the console.The ports to scan are passed via an array at the bottom of the script's source code.Modify it to add more ports or narrow down the scan to the desired ports. Requirements:· PHP

  • Ipv6-address-test

    It will tell if an IP address is valid according to the version 6 new format.

  • Simple Php Proxy v1.6

    JavaScript can load HTML, XML or JSON data from a resource on the same domain, with only an XMLHttpRequest.JavaScript can also load JSONP-formatted JSON data from another domain with only a predefined callback, plus some script-injection to get the d

  • Iplookup

    It automatically uploads a server’s (or similar) IP address to a MySQL server, and fetches that IP on a client's PC, automatically adding it to the hosts file.This way the server is always accessible even though the user is not running a dynamic DN

  • Miniproxy

    The library is written in PHP, allowing to bypass Internet content filters, or browsing Internet locations anonymously.To use, just upload the library to a web server and access it. Requirements:· PHP 5.3 or higher· cURL enabled Limitations

  • Phpdhcpadmin 0.9.5-beta

    The interface can be used from any operating system, but it can manage only POSIX-type OS with a DHCPD service installed. Here are some key features of "phpDHCPAdmin":· Commonly used global options (RFC-2131, RFC-2132)· Dynamic DNS zone tra

  • Nmapworker 0.3

    This is a CLI tool and not an interfaced application.NmapWorker searches a specified directory (see: nmapworker.ini) for .job files. If it finds any that match the correct format (see: job_example.job) it creates jobs from it and executes nmap with t

  • Ossim 2.1

    It will provide solutions for network monitoring, security, correlation and qualification.The application integrates other successful tools like Snort, Acid/Base, MRTG, NTOP, Nagios, NMAP, Nessus and RRDTool.Besides getting the most out of well known

  • Myiptrack 0.2

    The information stored is the IP address, date, time and some notes. All the data is stored in a simple text file.It will remember all connections to the Internet with many different providers (wireless networks, Internet cafes, etc.).When the c

  • Websh 0.1a

    WebSH is a script that executes commands on a remote machine without opening a port, but instead by communicating with a PHP file. This script currently only works for Unix based servers and Unix based clients.This script emphasizes the fact that a v

  • Phplogcon 2.3.6

    phpLogCon is an easy to use solution for browsing syslog messages, Windows event log data and other network events over the web. It provides easy browsing and some basic analysis of realtime network events. phpLogCon enables the system administrator

  • Ping 1.2

    This script allows you to ping any host (domain or IP) to see wheather it is online or offline. It can optinally display the ping time in milliseconds to the host. The script is very lightweight and can be easily implemented in any PHP application.

  • Bandwidth Manager

    Bandwidth manager is a server-side script that manages your server's bandwidth. It runs purely on PHP and MySQL, so no additional apache modules are needed. As soon as someone on your website downloads a file, bandwidth manager takes control. As long

  • Phpmill Webmaster Tools

    Add customizable webmaster tools to your website. Tools include DNS, Reverse DNS, HTTP Header Lookup, Keyword Density, Spider Simulator. Features: - Output can be customized with included CSS file attributes. - Customizable output page - Includes 5 p

  • Fetch Proxies

    Fetch Proxies is just a couple of functions used to pull lists and test proxies for implementing in other scripts.The demo version only pulls 2 pages but is still quite slow because is checking multiple proxies. The test_proxy function

  • Radmaclab

    RadMacLab is a php and mysql based management module for identifying macintosh computers via MAC address for management with Radmind. It allows setting of network info and manging certificates through a centralized database. RadMacLab is short f

  • Proxy Detector 0.1

    This class can detect if a visitor uses a proxy server by scanning the headers returned by the user client.When the user uses a proxy server, most of the proxy servers alter the header. The header is returned to PHP in the array $_SERVER.Features: -

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