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  • Sendy

    The problem with most MLM scripts is bandwidth usage. As the subscribers list grows, so does the cost of sending out the newsletter, growing exponentially with each new mailing list and each new email campaign.This is not only true for open source ML

  • Newsletter Script Php 1.0

    In other words, a basic mailing list manager.NewsLetter Script PHP comes with three basic features. The first is the subscription form which can be embedded in websites and Web services to allow users to subscribe.To embed it, NewsLetter Script PHP p

  • Aj Email Marketer

    AJ Email Marketer will help webmasters create, launch and collect statistics about email campaigns via their browser.It comes with a well-suited admin UI where many details of a powerful email marketing campaign can be tracked. Here are some key feat

  • Xyz Email Manager

    XYZ Email Manager comes with all the features an e-marketing expert might need to run a proper online mailing campaign. Here are some key features of "XYZ Email Manager":Subscriber Lists:· Unlimited email subscriber lists and unlimited subscribe

  • Pubmail 0.8-beta

    It's written in PHP and uses SQLite to store data. Here are some key features of "PubMail":· Easy configuration· Admin panel· Import/export users· Message history· Subscription widget· Easy customization· Documentat

  • Amazon Ses Wrapper And Cp 1.0.2

    Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a scalable and cost-effective Email delivery service for businesses and developers.This is a class that taps into Amazon SES's API and using a locally stored control panel allows the user to send out his em

  • Fastletter 4.0

    Some of its features include single and multiple recipients, sent mail box, progress bar, login system, HTML editor and mail groups.

  • Simple Php Mass/bulk Emailer Script

    This is an advanced PHP mailing list manager to ensure a developer stays in contact with his clients. Here are some key features of "Simple PHP Mass/Bulk Emailer Script":· As emails are sending out in several "small lists", it use less resources

  • Newsletter System 1

    The user has available two newsletter templates for him to use in the beginning. Here are some key features of "Newsletter System":· Create e-newsletters from templates· Control the sender email address· Add own templates to re-use ove

  • Ezmm 0.1a

    The script can be integrated into any customer relationship management solution, affiliate programmers, marketing programs or membership sites. Here are some key features of "EZMM":· Automated and personalized emails· Web-based in one page&

  • Broadfast Php Autoresponder

    Webmasters can create, edit, send or postpone a newsletter or an auto-response to an email. Here are some key features of "BroadFast PHP Autoresponder":· It can be installed on unlimited domains.· No monthly fees.· It's easy to install

  • Flynewsletter 1.0

    It sends out newsletter using the PHPMailer function.The administrator can setup custom mailing lists, can upload files, add users manually or via a subscription method.

  • Db-newsletter

    The application allows to easily send out personalized newsletters or mass mails.It also features subscribe and unsubscribe links, that can be included in every email's content.

  • Sell 2.0

    Sell 2.0 is a software powering an innovative approach to sell on the web.Advantages: - Sell 2.0 lets you build interactive sales letters - It engages the visitor a lot more than the traditional static sales letters - It allows you personalize your m

  • Ami-newsletter 1.2

    Ami-Newsletter is a PHP script to send newsletter in text or html format.Features: - Ban ip or email address. - Easy installation - Simple design for easy integration. - Requires - MySQL, PHP

  • Atomic Email Tracker

    Atomic Email Tracker is a web based service for monitoring newsletter efficiency. Using it, you know how many people actually read newsletter, click link in messages, georaphical distribution, etc.Main Features: - Unlimited email campaigns number. -

  • Webinsta Mailing List Manager 1.3e

    It's adequate for a small or medium sized website.Its simple yet quite powerfull. It support the standard subscribe and un-subscribe , remote verification , unsubscribe links , attachments and host of other such features.The best of all the total int

  • E-mails List Php

    This small program is used to gather customer's e-mails to send them notifications about new scripts. Remember the 80-20 rule... 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. That means returning customers! Features: - Only some PHP code to

  • Super Tell A Friend Script

    Super Tell a Friend Script is a Yahoo / Hotmail / AOL / Gmail / Lycos contacts importer. It has a "Tell A Friend" with HTML Mass Emailing feature and manual invite. Features: - Your visitor will import his Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail or Lycos Addressb

  • Inout Mailing List Manager

    Inout Mailing List Manager is an essential PHP, MySQL based mailing list manager script which meets all your mailing list, newsletter and email advertising requirements. You can have better control on your email advertisements, newsletters and mailin

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