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  • Wurlie 3.2

    While the hype of creating and running your own URL service has passed for some years now, there's still a need for solid URL shorting services.And while most of the time these services popup and die soon after they're launched, there's nothing bette

  • Lamest News 0.1.0-dev

    Lamest News is a clone of Lamer News, which in turn is a clone of the famous Hacker News portal from Y Combinator. This PHP clone tries to stick as much as possible (where it can) to the Ruby version of the portal, for now being a line-per-line clone

  • Spy Links 1.1

    It takes into account incoming and outgoing links. The library can also be used from the PHP 5 CLI. Here are some key features of "Spy Links":· Count the number of external links and perform calculations.· Display the top list of most linke

  • Link Checker 1.4

    It scans links found on a page and reports on their status.It can also be used from the PHP command line. Here are some key features of "Link Checker":Supported responses:· 200 - OK. Page found.· 301 - Redirect permanent. The page is redire

  • Wereproxy

    What it does is look at POST requests and replace all URLs with the ones specified in a configuration file.WereProxy checks the response to the POST request and reverses all the changes it made in the response so the proxy user does not notice anythi

  • Php Url Shortener

    By default, the script the service's domain, adds a "/" and then a starts counting the shortened links.Installation instructions are provided inside the project's README file. Here are some key features of "PHP URL Shortener":· Can shorten over

  • Urlite v1.2

    By default, it takes the site's own domain name and uses it to generate short URLs. Here are some key features of "URLite":· Works with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer· Quick and sweet URL shortening tool· Quick viewing statistic

  • Scuttle 0.9.0

    Scuttle allows users to register on the site and share/index favorite links.Just think of it as another Delicious clone.Scuttle uses code from mature open-source projects like Drupal, jQuery, phpBB, XSPF Web Music Player and more.Installation instruc

  • Kemana Directory 1.5.6

    Kemana's backend is powered by the qEngine CMS.Support is provided for multiple directories support, user friendly administration control panel, easy to use custom fields, unsurpassed flexibility and much more. Here are some key features of "Kemana D

  • Insanityville‚Äôs Simple Link Checker 0.1

    The user must enter a link in the form input field, and press the check button.The script will then check to see if the link is valid or broken and return the status using JavaScript.

  • Urlmnch 0.1

    This is some of the source code that powers the URL shortening service URLmnch.

  • Yourls 1.6

    Through different access rights settings, the service can be made public or kept private.It comes with its own API. Here are some key features of "YOURLS":· Setup a private or public URL shortener· Sequential or custom URL keywords· Br

  • Urltoabsolute 1.4

    The relative path to a file is determined from the webroot.So a href value of  "file.php" will be converted to an absolute path of  "" What's New in This Release: · Percentage encoding of the absolute

  • Php Site Map

    The site map will create links for every items in the list.The script searches the website for a list of files and displays them in a nice looking tree hierarchy. The tree can easily be styled with css. It will only display certain file types (.php,

  • Ezy Link Directory Deluxe Edition

    It allows webmasters to run their own web directories without having to go through long installation procedures or frustrating designs. Here are some key features of "ezy Link Directory Deluxe Edition":· New attractive looks and feel· Bette

  • Wuff's Moviedb 2.0.2

    Wuff's MovieDB is a MySQL-Database with a nice PHP frontend to catalogue DivXs, VCDs, SVCDs, DVDs, movies or anything else you might want to catalogue with cover art.Just like MovieDB, Wuff's MovieDB is easy to setup and to configure. Features: - one

  • Link Base 1.1

    This script allows you to manage your links using a MySQL database. It features easy install, user submission, and an admin panel to add, edit and remove categories and links. The script is easy to customize to suit your needs.

  • Xlink Script

    XLink is a script to create a database of links. The script is a basic set of functions and is not self-sufficient product.The script can be customized to suit your needs.

  • Tutorialms 1.3

    TutorialMS is an open source script that helps webmasters index and manage tutorials (written by them or by another site). It is designed so users can easily find the tutorial(s) they are looking for. It provides a powerful backend to the webmaster w

  • Zoki Directory

    SEO optimized link exchange directory script. User friendly and convenient in administration. Improve your site popularity with Zoki Directory.First main feature of this directory is simplicity. There are no complicated options that used once a year,

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