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  • Selfoss 2.4

    Written in PHP and designed to work with PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite, selfoss is a great self-hosted RSS reader, open sourced just in time to replace the dying Google Reader service.selfoss was created for developers that don't want to trust another

  • Itunesfeedextractor 1.3.1

    itunesFeedExtractor takes the URL of an iTunes podcast page and finds the podcast's RSS feed.This feed can then be used by users to add to their RSS readers and get notified about show updates without having iTunes installed on their PCs.itunesFeedEx

  • Mobile Ifeed Blogger 0.1

    Developed on top of an iUI interface, iFeed allows mobile users to view RSS feeds without a proprietary mobile apps installed on their smartphones.iFeed can list a feed's most recent items and allow the user to read read individual feed items at will

  • Full-text Rss 3.1

    Takes an input URL, parses the content and creates a full-text feed out of it.The feed can then be followed for changes via online or desktop feed readers. Here are some key features of "Full-Text RSS":· Fast· Automatically detects importan

  • Social Media Buttons

    Perfect for developers that don't have the time or patience to code their own buttons.Just give it a look and deploy it in your projects. Here are some key features of "Social Media Buttons":· 4 themes· Easy to edit· ScalableSupported

  • Nsfw-redirect 2012-07-17

    NSFW-Redirect allows redirecting users to prohibited or NSFW sites, but first providing them with a warning screen alerting them to what they're about to access and view.The script can be used successfully for any link, not being affected by frame-bu

  • Feeds Aggregator Script 1.1.4

    Can be used in news mash-up sites, merging multiple feeds into one big portal. Here are some key features of "Feeds Aggregator script":· Graphic installer· Support for RSS feeds· Support for Atom feeds· Templated layouts· Sup

  • Elite News Pro 2

    Elite News Pro2 is an automated script with no database and no admin dashboard that simply racks up a collection of recent RSS feed items and presents them to the user as a news hub. Here are some key features of "Elite News":· SEO friendly·

  • Rss To Twitter v0.1

    Perfect for cross-posting content from RSS to Twitter.Adding it to a cron job, can follow RSS updates and keep a Twitter account in sync with the feed. Requirements:· cURL enabled in PHP· Twitter account credentials

  • Feed is a music hosting and sharing service for DIY artists.Just point the script to an account and the script will do the rest.Under the hood, the script goes and gets the JSON feed for that account and uses it as a base for gener

  • Phpftp 1.0.0

    Works with simple or complex FTP operations, providing a tool for moving files across the Internet. Here are some key features of "PhpFtp":· Support for overwriting files (upload, download)· Resume operations (upload, download)· Handle

  • Simple Php Url Shortener

    Supports smart redirection to Google+ posts or individual tweets. Here are some key features of "Simple PHP URL shortener":· Redirect to Twitter when given a numerical slug· Redirect to a Twitter account when @ is used as a slug· Redir

  • Pluspress

    Point it to an user's profile page and it will automatically convert all new updates into RSS items that can be easily followed via feed readers.Comes with cache support. Requirements:· Google+ API key· Web server

  • Tumblfeed 0.1.0

    Tumblfeed takes a Tumblr blog feed URL, parses the content and adjusts how the content is displayed, outputting a proper Atom feed out of it. Under the hood, the script converts any Tumblr-powered URL into a semantically rich feed, with support for p

  • Item Switcher

    It consists of two frames. The frame above holds the preview selector, while the frame below loads new content when the user chooses a new option.Initially developed to help ThemeForest authors in previewing their themes, can be used in showcasing an

  • Php Treemenu Advanced 3.0.2

    These menus are essential when developing advanced and intuitive user interfaces. Expandable elements can be used as links, or they can be just expanded.The sub-menus are opened and closed by a mouse click. Here are some key features of "PHP TreeMenu

  • Php Tabs Pro 3.2.6

    Comes with lots of features, allowing developers to create customized tabbed-like interfaces. Here are some key features of "PHP Tabs Pro":· AJAX Enabled· Multi-Level tabs hierarchy· Infinite amount of levels· Possibility to enabl

  • Rss Merger 1.21

    It takes a list of feeds stored in a text file, merges them and delivers them as one central feed.It can also print them in a page, as a mashup (included demo).For every child RSS, it can retrieve a predetermined amount of updates. What's New in This

  • Automenu

    It will go over the content of a page and generate linked summaries. Automenu looks for header tags, creates a summary and inserts it after teh <h1> tag.All inserted links are anchor linked to the proper page tag.The summary's position can

  • Articles-yql

    To customize, just modify the index.php file. It can retrieve articles or just links to them from several resources like Slideshare,, Joobs, Ajaxian, Ajaxrain, Softpedia, Mininova or  about any blogs or websites offering RSS syndicat

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