• Php Guestbook 3.1

    Even if the PHP Guestbook script uses a local text file to store approved and unapproved messages, the entire system is quite easy to manage and customize.A local config.php file will let the user modify lots and lots of guestbook settings, while mod

  • Guest

    'guest' can be used in guestbook scripts, online chats and even contact form backup scripts.The library works by taking the user's submitted message and saving it to a local file called guests.txt.Along with the message, the user's IP  is also s

  • Spam Free Php Guestbook 1.2 beta

    Comes packed with a graphic installer and admin content moderation panel. Here are some key features of "Spam free PHP GuestBook":· Admin panel· Graphic automated installer· Comment moderation· User registration system· CAPTC

  • Insanityville’s Ajax Shoutbox 0.1

    The messages are added to the shoutbox panel using JavaScript. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Insanityville’s Ajax Guestbook

    A basic nice design is included in the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side Limitations:· It doesn't protect the poster's email address.

  • Guestbook Script Php

    The webmasters can control everything from comment management to embedding options. Here are some key features of "GuestBook Script PHP":· Administrator page which is password protected· Any language support· Full control over the visu

  • Simple Php Online Guestbook 1.1

    It stores all it's data into a flat-file located into a web-directory.The owner can change the config file and modify the date and time format,the order in which messages appear, how many pages appear per page and many more. Here are some key feature

  • Ezy Guest Book 1.0

    This guestbook script has a simple and intuitive user interface. Here are some key features of "ezy Guest Book":· Flat file used as a database· Low server requirements· Low bandwidth requirements

  • Ajax And Php Comment

    This is a simple but excellent commenting application developed in PHP (Ajax) and MySQL. Installation - Unpack to a directory on your server. - Create a MySQL database and import database.txt to it. - Edit conn.php and replace the MySQL host, usernam

  • Asgbookphp 1.62

    asgbookphp is a flat file-based guest book (does not use a MySQL database). Features: - It provides easy installation and customization. - It removes HTML. - Includes visible/invisible mode for messages. - Edit and delete users messages. -

  • Rtguestbook 0.3

    This script allows you to implement into your own website a very simple guestbook that requires mysql and php to run.RTGuestbook is a very lightweight script and can be easily customized to suit your needs. The script does not depend on&nbs

  • Daantjesguestbook 3.2.0

    DaantjesGuestbook script allows you to install a simple to customize guestbook into your website.The layout can be done trough a template, or just use the standard templates, described in the readme file. The CAPTCHA protection is supported by a

  • Myphpscripts Guestbook

    myPHPscripts Guestbook is a simple guestbook with customizable colors, and a CAPTCHA secured submission form to eliminate spam. It uses a flat file to store entries, so no database is required. Visitor IP and email addresses can only be viewed by the

  • Kmdbook 0.3

    KMDbook is simple guest book script which allows visitors to post comments about visited site. Features:- You can use it without footnotes - Visitors can ad comments - Admin panel - editing and deleting comments - Paged results

  • Bellabook 3.5

    BellaBook is a small and simple PHP guestbook. It works using "flat files" — that means no need to fiddle with complex MySQL databases! BellaBook has been crafted to provide a feature packed user feedback system with an easy-to-edit coding stru

  • Jls Guest 1.0.0

    JLS Guest is an open source guestbook written with PHP and mySQL. It Includes an administration area, smilies, BBcode, Image Tags, and more.The script can be easily integrated in any website. It is compatible with all known operating system

  • Fac Guestbook

    FAC Guestbook is an open source ASP Guestbook Project. FAC (Full Admin Controlled) Guestbook has lots of features for an easier administration of guestbook.The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.

  • Simple Php Guestbook Script

    This is a very simple guestbook done in PHP, named as Simple PHP Guestbook. It doesn't use a SQL database and is distributed under GPL license. Simple PHP Guestbook is VERY easy to install and integrate to an existing webpage!

  • Nugb 1.0

    nuGB is a guestbook that stores its information in text files, no sql database needed! The script is made with PHP and is very easy to install, use and customize.The script is compatible with all operating systems providing support for PHP appli

  • Easy Php Guestbook Script 0.9

    Got a web site? Want a guestbook so your visitors can let their impressions on it? Easy-GuestBook is the script you need. It requires php and a mysql server. It is easy to install, easy to custom, easy to translate and use.

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