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  • Chartlogix Php Graphs 1.06C

    ChartLogix PHP Graphs is a lightweight solution for creating and embedding charts and graphs on a Web page via PHP's powerful rendering capabilities.The entire system is easy to use and provides an optimal solution for taking some load off the client

  • Smart Chart Maker

    Smart Chart Maker takes statistical data from a MySQL database and generates a chart based on the data and preset relations and rules between database tables and fields.Smart Chart Maker is the perfect solution for setting up an automatic chart-based

  • Webtrees 1.4.1

    Allows webmasters to setup complicated family trees, while also keeping a simple presentation structure.Inspired and derived from the famous PhpGedView package. Here are some key features of "webtrees":· Easy installation procedure· Admin p

  • Gd Barchart Generator

    It's very easy to configure and relies onPHP's GD library to draw data. Here are some key features of "GD barchart generator":· Easy to pass data to it· Set custom font· Set axis text angle· Set chart size· Add axis labels

  • Gantti

    Just modify the basic project data and the library will do the rest. Here are some key features of "Gantti":· Rendered via HTML 5· No JS needed· Easy to customize colors and style· SASS stylesheet-based· Cross-browser tested&

  • Bchart 3.2

    bChart generatesgraphs as PNG files. Future releases will support SVG images via HTML5. Here are some key features of "bChart":· Customize colors· Customize dimensions· Axis labels· Data labels· Chart titles· Legends

  • Csscharts

    CSScharts is a smoother alternative to heavy loading and sometimes over-bloated JS-based charting utilities.Various demos are included with the download package.

  • Php2yuml

    The script reverse engineers passed PHP5 code and generates UML class diagrams via the service. Since It is a Command Line Script, it could be easily used in continuous integration tools to generate an automatic documentation.Documentation is

  • Googlegraph

    The class is very customizable and can be embedded in any PHP-driven project. A working example is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "googleGraph":· Set line width· Set line chart type· Set line color

  • Phpmodgraph

    Besides the modified functions, it shows the functions that are relevant and are dependent on the modified functions.PHPCallGraph v.0.8.0 is used to generate the graphs.An example is included with the download package, along with the documentation.

  • Mtchart 0.1.2

    mtChart is a fork of pChart, but features a lot of improvements, like tick intervals, reworked scaling engine using space technology, vertical lines or improved date handling. Here are some key features of "mtChart":· Only one include file: mtCh

  • Envato Statistics Dashboard 1.1

    The author will need to upload the tracking script to each of the items he wants to get statistics about.This application does not store usernames or passwords. It will only store a “cookie”. Here are some key features of "Envato Statisti

  • Google Charts Plugin

    Google has a powerful charting API that lets you send data to it and returns an image that you can use on your site. This PHP script lets you include charts on your websites powered by the google charts API . The plugin handles all calls to google an

  • Phpmygraph 5.0.5

    Parameters can be passed to the script to render a bar, line and polygon graph. The user can configure the colors, borders, fonts, etc.. With a few lines of code, simple graphs based on a data array can be created. Here are some key features of "phpM

  • Pchart 2.1.3 / 1.27d

    The class works by taking statistical data from various sources (SQL database, CSV, XML, etc.) and graphically rendering it using PHP. Here are some key features of "pChart":· Object oriented interface· Scaling and units· Sandbox engin

  • Openplag 3.0

    It can compute and plot a very high amount of functions, including many probability functions and is fairly good configurable.A maximum number of three graphs can be displayed in one image.InstallationUpload the files to the webserver and point your

  • Fgcharting.jquery.js 1.0

    fgCharting.jQuery.js is a jQuery plugin that allows you to manipulate HTML tabular data in graphs and charts. The HTML Canvas element, which provides a native drawing API that can be addressed with simple Javascript. You will be able to create t

  • Max's Chart

    Max's Chart is a professional but very easy to use PHP based chart generator. You can create beautiful horizontal or vertical charts fast and easy. You don't need any database or an image library to generate a full CSS driven output. No tables used a

  • Phpgedview 4.2.4

    PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. It also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on a family tree, combining t

  • 2d / 3d Vertical Bar Graph For Php 4.64

    This PHP script provides a very easy way to embed dynamically generated vertical bar graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML web pages. The graphing software is very easy to use and it's perfectly possible to add professional quality real ti

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