• Vafpress Framework 1.2 / 2.0 Beta

    Vafpress Framework is not a theme framework, since it does not include any type of functions for building WordPress themes, but merely an options and settings controller for WP themes.This means Vafpress Framework can be used to add an options panel

  • Servant

    Servant is a simple PHP framework that works based on a simple, automated model, allowing developers to quickly write and deploy their applications.The default Servant package works out of the box and doesn't require any complicated setup routine. Ju

  • Proot

    To create a new application with Proot, just deploy it to a server.It includes an automatically managed asset pipeline which provides developers with a simple and single way for managing code & resources for their applications.One Proot instance can

  • Horus Framework 3.0.0

    The Horus Framework is a pretty solid attempt at designing a good OOP framework in as a small package as possible.Focused on a light codebase and on a solid, standards-friendly approach, Horus can be used to write advanced applications without having

  • React 0.4.1

    And just like Node.js, React uses workers to answer to HTTP requests in a non-blocking fashion.This means React will allow a asynchronous behavior for PHP code, improving overall application speed by answering to user queries as soon as they're made

  • Joomla! Framework 1.1.0

    The Joomla! Framework is a side project of the same team of developers that created and maintain the Joomla! CMS. The framework is independent from the CMS project, but its source has been heavily inspired by the work and time that went into building

  • Fabrico

    Fabrico is what industry experts call a micro-framework.It's not a fully-blown development kit like Zend or CakePHP, but is very useful in small to medium projects where the code of the aforementioned frameworks is 100 times longer than the applicati

  • Phpharo 1.1

    PHPharo may not be a World-famous toolkit for starting development on your Web apps, but it's a good solution anyway.PHPharo presents developers with a solid codebase on which to start building their applications and websites, reducing both developme

  • Phpooparser 0.0.2

    phpOOParser is a complete and usable PHP framework, intended mainly for other developers. It's easy to use and allows them to write PHP applications that read and interpret data in string format send to them by a form or other means. Here are so

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