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  • Phptus 1.0

    PhpTus is an unofficial client for the Resumable File Uploads protocol.It was developed by the community to allow developers to implement a simple file upload mechanism which can be stopped and resumed at any time.PhpTus can also be used as a backup

  • Rapidform

    RapidForm uses a PHP-based configuration array to generate the form.This makes it very easy for any developer to control the content and fields of its form.An example is included with the RapidForm package.

  • Php 5.4 File Upload Progress

    The new PHP 5.4.x branch implemented a progress upload monitoring feature which can be used to signal the user whenever his upload finishes.This is just a demo of that feature, to help developers get started on their own. Requirements:· PHP 5.4

  • Easypagecomments 2011-11-07-19-00

    Can be used to power a feedback/comments system for static websites, where access to a database like MySQL, PosgreSQL or Oracle is not possible. The system uses SQLite to store and retrieve comments.An example is included with the download package.Fo

  • Re:form 1.0 rc1

    Written in object oriented PHP, can be used for creating, nesting, modifying, deleting, and validating forms in the can be used to embed dynamically created web forms.

  • Php Ajax File Uploader 2.2.4

    Files are uploaded without refreshing the page. Here are some key features of "PHP AJAX File Uploader":· Easy installation· Uploading without page refreshing· Asynchronous file upload· Supports multiple files uploading· Real-

  • Php Dataform Pro 3.3.9

    Can be used to create custom contact form structures. Here are some key features of "PHP DataForm Pro":· Customized templates· CSS embedded templates· Image magnifying· Resizing uploaded images· Advanced WYSIWYG editor·

  • Php Dataform Advanced 2.0.3

    Especially designed for those who do not have time to write all of their code, PHP Dataform provides a simple way to create custom forms for any kind of purpose. Here are some key features of "PHP DataForm Advanced":· CSS embedded templates·

  • Jquery & Php File Upload

    It allows users to upload file without leaving the current page. Comes packed with validation messages and file extension checking.This means the admin can limit uploads just to selected file types.A working demo is included with the free version in

  • Isocountrynamedropdownlist

    The script generates ISO 2 character country codes.Download and plug it into any HTML form. Here are some key features of "isoCountryNameDropDownList":· It has 2 parts.· Country list array which holds all the countries name along with it's

  • A Nice & Simple Contact Form

    It can be included in any page, allowing users to send out feedback to a website's owner.It comes packaged withall the functions needed to actually take the submitted data and send it to a website's email contact address.Optionally, a version with sp

  • Php File Uploader

    The upload form allows to upload one or more files to a web server without refreshing the page.A progress bar is shown to display the current state, allowing the user to cancel or add new uploads. Here are some key features of "PHP File Uploader":

  • File Uploader V1.0

    Users can upload their files and share them, while other visitors can view or download them if they have credits.Users can also comment and share files on different social networks. Here are some key features of "File Uploader":· Upload· E-

  • Are You Sure? 1.01

    The admin can also enable logging, so all the confirmation screens and decisions get stored inside a database.The script works with GET an POST both and turns variables into POST -Vars.The script can be used as a target for forms, images or text-link

  • Steel Buildings

    Custom fields with custom CSS styling can be added to every form.Instructions are provided in the readme file with the download package.

  • Php Excel Reader 2.21

    Cells and grid is replicated inside the PHP file when an output is requested. What's New in This Release: · Fixed problems with array_combine in PHP4· Fixed warnings of undefined index

  • Twitter Contact Page

    It will send a @message tweet through an account or send a self-DM.Example: If the twitter account is johnDoe, the user will get a tweet like this:@johnDoe This is a test emssage! -SenderName Here are some key features of "Twitter Contact Page":·

  • Xnailer 1.0

    The developer has control over which directory the files may be uploaded, the file's size, total size of the upload, and various plugins. Here are some key features of "Xnailer":· Multiple image-upload (swfupload)· Database driven· Mod

  • Simple Multiple File Upload

    The script uses jQuery to add the extra input fields so the page doesn't need to be refreshed for another upload. Here are some key features of "Simple Multiple File Upload":· Simple to include· Allows multiple files to be uploaded at once&

  • Publicpimppcontact

    The script allows and provides MySQL interaction.

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