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  • Php Contact Form v2.1

    Additional CAPTCHA support is included as well, along with lots of other options the developer can change in the script's source code.The PHP Contact Form script will run out of the box, and can be used as a standalone, or embedded with more complex

  • Formkit 1.3.15

    With FormKit developers can easily create custom web forms and add them to any PHP-based application, regardless of the underlying framework.FormKit uses a set of pre-written routines to easily assemble a form with very few lines of code.Forms create

  • Contact Form Php v1.2

    Contact Form PHP is not a data collector. It uses a MySQL database not to store messages, but to store the contact form's settings.When a user fills in the form and sends it, the data is processed by Contact Form PHP and sent to a desired email addre

  • Yvs Form Check Functions

    YVS Form Check Functions is an alternative to JS-based form validation libraries, checking form data on the server-side instead of the client's side.While this method can be argued against due to a higher usage of server resources for trivial tasks t

  • Contact Form Script's Contact Form Script works and looks just like any other PHP script.The script uses a general configuration file where all the contact form's options can be set and customized as the developer sees fit.Besides this, Contact Form Script

  • Uploader

    Uploader can work as a stand-alone, or integrated with more complicated PHP-based apps or websites.As mentioned above, it takes a give file and uploads it to a local "/files" folder, listing all previously uploaded files right under the upload form.W

  • Simpleform 1.1.4

    SimpleForm was created to power contact forms, helping users send emails to site owners via PHP.The library can also validate the form before sending it, making sure certain fields are filled in.SimpleForm even works with multiple forms on the same p

  • Apphp Formbuilder 2.0.1

    ApPHP FormBuilder allows developers to build HTML Web forms via a set of simple to use PHP functions.When used, these functions will output all the necessary HTML and JS code to embed and power a Web form on the frontend or backend of a site. Here ar

  • Milform

    Created for rapidly assembling custom contact forms, Milform can be used with any kind of Web form structures, not only the classic name/email/message contact form.Modular in design, the library is a collection of PHP classes to be used only when a s

  • Php Mysql Form Maker 1.1

    PHP MYSQL Form Maker allows developers to create Web forms that work in cooperation with a MySQL database.Allows adding/editing/listing a databases content via a simple Web form. Here are some key features of "PHP MYSQL Form Maker":· Wizard like

  • Apphp Datavalidator 2.0.2

    ApPHP DataValidator can be used in verifying that data submitted via a Web form is valid and is what the developer is expecting the user to fill in.Besides the classic contact form, ApPHP DataValidator can also be utilized that data submitted to a da

  • Easy Cotnact-form

    Can be easily embedded in any page for allowing users to get in touch via email.Extremely easy to setup, will be running in a few minutes.Of course, the form's skin is customizable via CSS/HTML. Requirements:· PHP's mail() function enabled

  • Stylish Contact Form

    Before sending any data out, the script will validate the entered content on the client's side.Form submission is Ajaxified for no page refreshes.A working form is provided with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client s

  • Submission Class 1.0

    A demo is included with the download package.The default contact form contains a name, email and message fields.All labels are moved inline, as placeholders.Comes packed with a data validation system that triggers errors when fields are not filled in

  • Jquery Ajax Contact/email Form

    Can be used in website contact sections to allow visitors to get in touch with webmasters.When submitting data, validation is done on the client-side and errors are immediately shown under the form.It is very easy to customize via CSS and integrate i

  • Jquery Ajax Contact Form With Modal Slide-in Transition And Validation

    By default, it shows on a web page as a little tab on the top of the page.Clicking it will expand a panel holding the entire form.It comes complete with client-side input data validations and a success message after the mail has been sent.Also provid

  • Contact-pop

    Can be easily customized to work on any web page.By default it works by showing the contact form inside a modal window, saving page space.The form success and error messages can be customized to any use scenario.A demo is included with the download p

  • Apphp Datavalidator Basic 1.0.3

    Can be used to validate on the server side, data submitted via contact forms.Works by checking each field at a time, or all fields at once. If an error is detected, it is printed underneath the field that generated it. Here are some key features of "

  • Form Validation

    Uses JavaScript to validate data locally and then PHP to process form data and send it to the user.A thank you message can be added if the form has been submitted successfully. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side

  • Formmail Lite 1.0

    Very easy to use and install, the script allows non-technical users to create their own contact forms. Here are some key features of "FormMail Lite":· Created forms are stored in a flat-file database.· The layout of the forms can be customi

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