Php→Flash Components

  • Scrollbar

    With the amazing, very lightweight scrollbar component you can scroll anything, from movie clips to text. Features: - Scroll textfields and Movieclips also with filters applied - Drag and drop - Very lightweight, only 5kb - Blurfilter capabilities -

  • Ftplist/ftpcrawler 0.20

    FTPList/FTPCrawler is a Multi-threaded and MySQL based FTP Crawler. It has a PHP interface which you can use to search in the database, see FTP status (up, full, down), and more. It's designed for enviorements like big LAN-Partys i.e Remedy.

  • Phpstrobe

    phpStrobe is an object-oriented PHP library for creating Macromedia Flash (SWF) movies.

  • Lilina

    Lilina News Aggregator is a simple aggregator written in PHP. It features easy adding of feeds and is easy to set up for beginners.

  • Dynamicflash

    You want a simple way to display images in a directory? This widget does just that, and dynamically generates the flash gallery on the fly. View the images by toggling the slide show, click previous/next arrows or use your right and left keys! HowTo

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