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  • Php Filelist 1.6.3

    PHP FileList works by taking the content of a folder and listing it on a Web page.All the files and directories found in that folder will be printed out, along with their most recent modification date, file size, and a small description text.Using a

  • Pydio 5.2.3

    Pydio is a versatile system which you can use as a classic file explorer application for easily uploading and navigating files on the Web, or as a centralized file-sharing application, similar to what Dropbox, Google Drive, or might be doing.

  • Yetishare 3.5

    Sites you can build with YetiShare fall in the category of a file locker.File lockers are sites where users can upload files, share them with their friends and even earn money for received downloads.Webmasters interested in deploying such a system on

  • Php Anti-leech 0.1-alpha

    PHP Anti-Leech, or just simply PAL, uses a simple referral analysis system to check if a user accessing a download comes from a local domain or is just accessing the file directly from across the Web.In the later case when someone hot-linked your fil

  • Projectsend r514

    ProjectSend can be installed on a public Web server and allow a person or company to add files, clients, organize clients in groups and share files with one client or an entire group.ProjectSend includes an easy to use file uploading mechanism, which

  • Veno File Manager 1.3.0

    Veno File Manager (VFM) is a PHP application that allows one or more users to interact with a Web-based file hosting system.VFM can let users upload files, create folders, rename directories, explore their content, etc., all from the user's browser.V

  • Filebox Clone 1.0

    As the name hints, FileBox Clone is a copy of FileBox's Web file hosting and sharing service.It allows users to upload their personal files, obtain an unique set of links and share these URLs with your friends.It's basically your run-of-the-mill file

  • Filegator 2.7

    FileGator allows webmasters to provide a graphical interface for users to browse and download files from their servers.It superimposes itself on top of the default server file browsers, enriching the interface with many, more useful and easy to use c

  • Download Inspector 1.0

    Download Inspector can work with local and remote files the same, keeping track how many times a file has been downloaded.Download Inspector uses a php.ini-like config system that tells the system where files are located and how it should parse/track

  • Extremely Simple Download Center With Php And Javascript

    "Extremely Simple Download Center with PHP and Javascript" provides a GUI for putting all downloadable content into one single page.The script comes with a MySQL-based downloads counting system, which will let users know how many times the files has

  • Dynamic Directory To Html 0.2

    The Dynamic Directory To HTML script will take the classic Apache file index and add custom styles to it.It can easily be installed anywhere on the server and supports adding custom icons on a file basis.A config PHP file is provided, where overall s

  • File Directory List 1.4

    File Directory List is only one file, which when attached to any public Web directory it drastically improves the way files and folders are displayed.It doesn't affect the way files and folders are navigated, but only changes their styles, improving

  • S3streamwrapper

    Works with Amazon's S3 and the Google Storage service.The library allows moving files around, writing, reading and deleting data as it was stored locally on the same server as the PHP interpreter. Requirements:· PHP 5.3 or higher· PHP's has

  • Modglob

    To install just place it in the folder to watch changes for and access it directly to get a list of recent modified files. Will also work from the PHP CLI. Here are some key features of "modglob":· Log levels (last hour, day, week, month & forev

  • Ianfilestream v0.1

    By real-time we refer to a transfer process, like upload/download.Was designed having in mind audio and image files, where EXIF or ID3 needs to be changed regularly. Requirements:· PHP 5 or higher· Apache 2 or higher What's New in This Rele

  • Elfinder 2.0 RC1

    The design, interface and UX was inspired by the Finder app in Mac OS X. Here are some key features of "elFinder":· High performance· Light UI· Background file uploads· Drag & Drop HTML5 support· List view· Icon view

  • File Explorer Manager

    All done via one single PHP file and through an intuitive web interface. Here are some key features of "File Explorer Manager":· File uploader· Cut/Copy/Paste functionality· Edit file names· Create new files· Create new folde

  • Disk Usage Report v1.0.2

    Will work with local or remote servers.Reports are stored as static files which are retrieved via AJAX. Here are some key features of "Disk Usage Report":· View reports via the browser· Reports are saved as static files· No database re

  • Tiny Dropbox

    Allows an admin to upload files, add a description and share them with his friends or clients.Comes complete with a Flash uploader (supporting multiple file uploads) or a classic single file uploader for older browsers or in cases the Flash uploader

  • Safeupload 1.0

    It allows an user to upload files and attach an username and password to them.The script will then provide a download link for that file (after the upload process), which can be shared with other people.The download process won't start until the user

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