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  • Faq Script Php 1.0

    Webmasters can use FAQ Script PHP to embed a section on their sites where answers to basic questions can be read.FAQ Script PHP allows the administrators to add a question, add the answer and classify it in a category.What FAQ Script PHP doesn't do i

  • Lampcms 0.2.45

    LampCMS is not actually a CMS in any way, but a Q&A (Questions and Answers) to help developers setup a portal where their clients can ask questions about a product and the staff (or all users) can post answers in response.LampCMS is a community-drive

  • Qwench

    Qwench was developed to create a Q&A system that can be used as a community site or as a client support website.It was heavily inspired and modeled after StackOVerflow's UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). Here are some key features of "Qwe

  • Question2answer 1.5.4

    Question2Answer is perfect for setting up a customer support system, online documentation, a community-based FAQ system, and many other more use cases. Here are some key features of "Question2Answer":· Easy installation script· Administrati

  • Coordino

    Coordino is an open source Stack Overflow alternative for running your own hosted knowledgebase system. Here are some key features of "Coordino":· Graphic installer· Admin panel· User points system· Content tagging· Remote au

  • Destra Question v1

    Written using PHP and MySQL, it allows users to ask or answer questions.It can be used to collect a variety of questions from visitors to a website or blog.Can be integrated into any other web app.Installation:1. Edit the config.php file with the dat

  • Php Ask & Answer

    The script can be used for customer support, help files, community building software and much more. Here are some key features of "PHP Ask & Answer":· Admin panel· Word filtering· Custom categories· Time ago (Ex. 11 minutes ago)&#

  • Zoneideas 0.4

    Ideas can be added, commented and rated.Installation Unzip the package you downloaded to the directory of your choice on the webserver. Create a new database for ZoneIdeas on your MySQL server Open the settings.php file in your favorite editor a

  • Nice Php Faq Script

    Nice PHP FAQ Script (Knowledge base Script) is a great tool for your website, to provide answers to your visitors most frequently asked questions. Our Nice FAQ Script (Knowledge base Script) reduces webmaster's (or site owner's) burden of replying to

  • Bellabuzz

    BellaBuzz is a small and simple PHP “ask & answer” script that allows visitors to ask questions without having to directly contact the webmaster. It works using “flat files” — that means no need to fiddle with complex My

  • Phpaskit 3.0

    PHPAskIt is a question and answer script. Features: - Ability to sort questions into categories - Automatic question permalinks - Easy installation and customisation - Import questions from other scripts - Spam word and IP address blocking - AJAX tec

  • Fuzzylime (faq) 1.01

    fuzzylime (faq) is the easiest way for you to help your users. A user posts a question, you answer it once - and everyone can then see that response. Add to that the incredible ease of set-up and use, and the interesting way it updates in your p

  • A Little Q&a 0.9

    A Little Q&A is a simple question and answer solution that allows users to ask a question for the web site to be answered by the webmaster or administrator. This will serve as a Knowledge Base of question that visitors can browse and find answers to

  • Ifaqmaker 0.1.4

    iFAQMaker is a simple PHP class to ease the management of FAQs. The main topics iFAQMaker is intended to cover are: - Inserting/Deleting/Moving single topics (within the same FAQ file) without the hassle of reorganizing indexes, numberings and links

  • Phpfaq 0.0.2

    phpFAQ is a PHP script that allows you to easily manage FAQ page. It allows you to create/edit/delete FAQ item, visibility mode and order view. It also includes simple code snippets to integrate FAQ into your web. The script is very easy to install,

  • Socketkb 1.1.5

    SocketKB knowledge base and article system is a very flexible and dynamic. You can define access restriction to specific categories or the whole knowledge base site. Different type of roles to access the admin (back-end) management console. Even

  • Kbase 2.0

    KBase is a php/MySQL based knowledge base/help document management system. It allows unlimited topic depth and is fully templated to allow you to fit it into the look and fill of your site. It also provides a means to password protect the entire know

  • 68kb

    68KB is a PHP MySQL driven knowledge base script. Built with you in mind to make it easy to configure and setup. Features: - Unlimited Categories -You can have unlimited categories and an unlimited category depth. - Friendly URL’s - Includes Se

  • Kmita Faq

    Kmita FAQ is knowledge base script which is easy to setup and can be customised are per your website design. Once the script is setup, adding questions is just a matter of few minutes.You just have to type your questions and answers as you probably w

  • Issue Tracker Pro 1.3.3

    Issue Tracker Pro is a tried-and-true task and issue-tracking application. Although designed primarily with software development in mind, you can use it to track any type of task. It comes with an integrated FAQ system so your developers can share th

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