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  • Emailreplyparser 1.0.0

    EmailReplyParser was inspired by GitHub's Email Reply Parser Ruby library, currently used on GitHub for parsing and displaying comments received via email.EmailReplyParser works only with emails in plain text format. Requirements:· PHP 5.3 or hi

  • Php Mail Tester

    The script works by checking first the MX records of a specified email address.If the domain exists, it then asks the mail server if that email username exists.The entire 'PHP Mail tester' script is contained in one single PHP file and can be hosted

  • Rfc 822 Email Address Parser r11

    Utilizes standards like RFC 821, 822, 1035, 1123, 2821, 2822, 3696, 4291, 5321, 5322 and 5952.A working validator is included with the download package. Limitations:· The script does not check if the email address actually exists, but if the sup

  • No-spam Auto Email Sender 1.0

    Allows the user to configure an email's body, add sender credentials and import/export an email addresses database. The email database can be added by hand or via a CSV file import.An backend administration panel is provided.

  • Php Minimailer 1.0

    The admin can set a preset message subject and body. It then can pass it a list of email addresses and it will send emails to all of them.If the email is not sent, an error will be shown.A small demo is included with the download package.

  • Emailreader

    It can handle both IMAP and POP accounts.Currently, the class only supports fetching mail attachments and deleting messages. Requirements:· PHP· PHP IMAP extension

  • Php Fake Mail

    The script allows the user to send emails with another person’s name and email address.It can be used as a stand-alone or integrated into a CMS. Requirements:· PHP 4 or higher

  • Postman

    Postman will format all the headers automatically.The user only needs to enter his name, his email and the receiver's information (email, body, subject).This is a very minimal and small PHP script.

  • Huskymail Webmail 0.3.5 / 0.4.0

    It provides pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, while also supporting POP 3.It has very few requirements and is very easy to install and configure. Here are some key features of "HuskyMail Webmail":HUSKYMAIL WEBMAIL FEATURES:· Stab

  • Email Portal Script

    Written in PHP and MySQL, it replicates much of the features found in professional emailing systems, especially in Gmail. Here are some key features of "Email Portal Script":General User-End Features:· Unread email statistics· Ability to de

  • Php Email To Upload

    The file must be attached to an email, which must be sent to a predefined email address.The script can even be expanded for Macs, with Macscripting files being sent to the email address and remotely controlling the computer. Requirements:· Dropb

  • Php Is_valid_email

    It can check for valid emails against a MX server.

  • Anonymous Emailer 1.0

    This script will allow you to send anonymous "hidden" emails from any email address that you choose.For example: send an email from [email protected] to [email protected] and when [email protected] recieves the email it would look like its from [email protected]

  • Qmail-scanner Statistics 2.0.2

    Qmail-Scanner Statistics (QSS) uses the Qmail-Scanner Logfile to generate daily, monthly, and yearly statistics. It also shows a complete list of viruses stopped by Qmail-Scanner, the top five domains from which the viruses came, as well as the count

  • Nocc 1.8.1

    Has the ability to access IMAP and POP3 accounts. Here are some key features of "NOCC":· Connection to IMAP and POP3 server with c-client library· Sending mail with Sendmail or SMTP server· Support MIME attachment messages (it passes t

  • Jawmail 2.0.1

    (Just Another Web mail) is a flexible, powerful and fast webmail written in PHP. Technically, JAWmail's core is JAW - a flexible framework for web application development; JAWmail it's packed with some applications and a simple, web based installer.

  • Site Mail

    Site mail is an advanced and user-friendly internal web-site mailing system. Developed using the latest flash technology it comes packed with a number of outstanding features such as Audio/Video messages, resizable interface, quick browsing, etc. Reg

  • Webpage Emailer

    This script, written in PHP and MySQL, emails the contents of a webpage to a list of people. You just add your list of people through the UI, enter a URL, click "Send" and it does the rest. Features:The script offers the following features: - install

  • Atmail

    AtMail is an open source webmail client written in PHP. It is an elegant Ajax webmail client for existing IMAP mailservers, with less bloat and a focus on an intuitive, simple user interface. The open source version of AtMail provides users with a li

  • Php Fake Mailer

    Fake Mailer script allows you to send fake emails, limit the amount of emails per-day per-isp. System requirements are PHP4.0 , Mail Capabilities, MySQL database.The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.

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