• Invoice Ninja 1.0.3

    Invoice Ninja is a relatively new invoicing application, written on top of Laravel, working and looking like a top of the line commercial service.But it's not. It's open sourced and available for all to use, either via the hosted service provided on

  • Free Cart 1.6 (Revision 20140204)

    Free Cart is an enhancement of the Free CMS script, with extra support to be able to handle products, payments, shipping details, and any other store-related operations.It uses the same flat-file storage system as Free CMS, providing a fast, easy to

  • Shop A La Cart 1.6.9

    Shop a la Cart is a pretty complete solution for running your store. It covers all the basics and then some, making sure clients can view and buy the products seamlessly, and administrators have full access over their site.From the client database, t

  • Uni-esocial 1.0.4

    Uni-eSocial is a social network on which you can buy and/or sell products, a simple marketplace solution that will enable you to host a portal where everyone can make money, not just you.Uni-eSocial practically looks like a social network, not only w

  • Uni-emerchant 5.0

    Uni-eMerchant is basically a shop aggregator.This platform makes it possible for someone to create, publish and manage an online store that sells their own products, and products submitted by other persons (called merchants). While Uni-eMerchant may

  • Uni-ecart 2.2

    Uni-eCart is an online store built on top of the Kohana PHP framework that allows a person to easily setup his own e-commerce platform within minutes.Uni-eCart is easy to setup thanks to the included installation wizard. Couple that with the administ

  • Iccalllimousine 1.1

    ICCallLimousine is a simple Web-based tool to allow users to select a car and book if for a desired period of time.Multiple car types are supported, along with an availability checker to avoid double-bookings.Once all reservation details hammered out

  • Jt Carframework 2.0 / 1.6.3

    jT CarFramework is both a framework and CMS, providing a modular system for managing car-related details and an interface for easily building car dealer shops.The jT CarFramework car portal script should provide a ready-made professional solution for

  • Omnipay 2.1.0

    Since its inception Omnipay was designed to be a framework agnostic toolkit for dealing with various billing systems.This means Omnipay can be used without a PHP framework, or with most of the modern PHP frameworks around.Omnipay is actually a contin

  • Paypal Button Generator 1.0

    PayPal Button Generator is a very basic billing system that uses PayPal to handle the money transfer and the server to send out emails to the buyer.The trial version of this product will only send out emails containing a download link for the bought

  • Jcart 1.3 / 0.9.1

    jCart can be used to implement a very basic shopping cart widget to power a minimum online store.Developers can add products to the catalog and allow users to buy which one they wish. Here are some key features of "jCart":· PayPal checkout syste

  • Storesprite 7 (24-04-13)

    StoreSprite can be used to build online stores for selling any kind of product online.Full of tools and perfect for the modern era of the Internet, StoreSprite allows easy shop building, complete with all the features one might want. Here are some ke

  • Fusioninvoice 1.2.4 Beta

    What's New in This Release: New Features:· Invoice logos can now be uploaded and output on invoices· Added support for variables inside email templates (see documentation)General Changes:· Pagination is now much more efficient· Ad

  • Aj Shopping Cart 1.0

    There are lots of features packed with AJ Shopping Cart, making ideal for any shop installation out there.It's complete and comprehensive feature list makes it stand out as one of the best e-commerce platforms around. Here are some key features of "A

  • Zeuscart 3.0

    ZeusCart allows webmasters to install and deploy a complete online store within minutes.It comes with many customization options, all controllable from the admin panel.ZeusCart comes with lots of documentation and is based on a solid PHP codebase. He

  • Arcavias 2013-05

    Arcavias makes it easy for regular users to install and run an e-commerce store with the help of a visual interface.Arcavias is also available as a TYPO3 plugin as well. Here are some key features of "Arcavias":· Multi-shop system· Multi-li

  • Ebag 3.0.7

    eBag helps small and large business owners to move their company's management software to the Web.eBag provides a wide range of tools for managing various details of their business. Here are some key features of "eBag":· Manage clients· Man

  • Neobill 0.9-alpha

    NeoBill will allow admins to setup clients, services, invoices and request payments for their work.It's a good system for keeping track of who received what and who payed for it and when. Here are some key features of "NeoBill":· Multi-user syst

  • Ministore Google Base

    MiniStore Google Base will display random products listed through Google Base matching a specified search term.Changing the search term will bring up new products.The store design is mobile friendly and uses lots of AJAX calls, so no page refreshes w

  • Ministore Amazon

    MiniStore Amazon will display random products matching a search category and term.Products are pulled via Amazon's API and displayed with an affiliate link attached.Changing the category or the search term will bring up new products.The store design

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