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  • Esotalk 1.0.0g3

    While a few years back phpBB was the best and most used forum around, this recently changed with Vanilla Forum, a small and innovative forum solution that has been getting all the attention recently.With Vanilla Forum and in some cases bbPress, vBull

  • Tinyib 1.3

    Developers have a tendency of cloning famous websites and services.Surprisingly enough though, 4chan hasn't really been cloned by that many developers, and there aren't really lots of image boards on the market today.This can be either because 4chan

  • Ramui Forum Script 7

    Once, in the dawn of the Internet, discussion boards ruled the Web.They were popular solutions, easy to create, easy to manage and low when it came to broadband usage.But because technology constantly evolves, they faded out and let newer more powerf

  • Ultrabb 1.17

    UltraBB was developed to help with webmasters trying to build and run an online community.It enables users to register, login and share opinions in an easy to understand format. Here are some key features of "UltraBB":· Member profiles· Use

  • Xenforo 1.1.5

    XenForo is written in PHP and allows webmasters to quickly install and publish their own discussions forum.It works and looks just like any other forum, only it's highly optimized for the modern, social and SEO-driven Web. Here are some key features

  • Phpc Forum 1.0

    phpC Forum is packed with lots of features, for quickly installing and deploying your own online community. Here are some key features of "phpC Forum":· Easy installer· Admin panel· Plugins· Templates· Multi-lingual· Eas

  • Nononsense Forum 25

    There is no need to register on the forum.Just enter the same username and password every time when leaving a message.The default forum layout is also mobile friendly, so it can be accessed from any kind of device. Here are some key features of "NoNo

  • Pbboard 2.1.4

    PBBoard is also known as Power Bulletin Board. Here are some key features of "PBBoard":· User manager· Forum and topic manager· Emoticon manager· BBCode manager· Portal add-on· User groups· Protected admin panel

  • Adaptbb 1.0

    Created by the AdaptCMS team, AdaptBB comes packed with lots of features. Here are some key features of "AdaptBB":· Graphic automated installer· Admin panel· Authenticated login· User management· Forum, section, topic, post,

  • Helixboard 1.0.0

    Perfect for building online communities and debate websites. Here are some key features of "HelixBoard":· Automated graphic installer· Admin panel· Forums and topics· User control panel Requirements:· PHP 5 or higher

  • Floobb 1.2.0

    Using lightweight graphics and code, this is an excellent solution to extra-bloated message boards. Here are some key features of "FlooBB":· Fully featured forum system· Create polls with visual results· WYSIWYG editor powered by TinyM

  • Omegabb 0.9.2

    OmegaBB has an unique approach to displaying forums, topics and threads.OmegaBB was previously known under the name 'Mifter.' Here are some key features of "OmegaBB":· Tabbed forums for quick and easy navigation· Notification on a side

  • Havefnubb 1.5.0

    Written in PHP, it is developed using the Jelix PHP5 framework. It also uses the 906 Grid System for its themes. Here are some key features of "HaveFnuBB":· Modules· Graphic installer· Search· Multiple database support· Synta

  • Kaibb 2.0.1

    Originally, it was written as a replacement for phpBB 2.KaiBB also uses code from the deprecated Mi-Dia Forum. Here are some key features of "KaiBB":· Forum management· Forum categories· Admin panel· Topic management· Logging

  • Xmb Forum

    Licensed under an open source license, the forum can be used anywhere on the web for providing support to customers, exchanging opinions, online discussions and much more. Here are some key features of "XMB Forum":· Inline Mass Moderation·

  • Cruciforum v 1.26

    It comes in one single powered PHP file.It uses a flat-file system to store data.Installation:1. Download the forum.2. Save it to the web server.3. Run the file.4. Start adding topics.

  • Ninkobb 1.3RC5

    The forum is designed to be as simple and lite as possible, allowing easy skinning, module creation and above all: deployment. Here are some key features of "NinkoBB":Common Features:· Simple setup & upgrading· Fast, not bogged down by tons

  • Punbb Migration Tool 1.4.0

    It works by converting the original formatted database from the source forum into a PunBB native database. Here are some key features of "PunBB Migration Tool":· Invision Power Board 1.3· Invision Power Board 2.0· MiniBB 1.7d· php

  • Fluxbb 1.5.3

    It was written in PHP, supporting PHP4 and PHP5 and works with MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Here are some key features of "FluxBB":· Admin panel plugins· Topic subscription· Announcements· Post preview· Move topics&#

  • Openforum 0.77

    It can be used to build online communities, provide customer support, as an online metting place and much much more.The design philosophy behind OpenForum is based on simplicity, robustness and openness.This version of OpenForum does not require any

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