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  • Rockmongo 1.1.5

    MongoDB is a powerful and very used document-oriented NoSQL database, perfect for high traffic and intensive load environments.Since this is a relative new database, working with MongoDB has always been a little difficult, mainly because of its CLI-b

  • Apdo 0.5

    APDO uses PDO itself for accessing various database engines, only it simplifies PDO's syntax and way of working even more.It also adds some extra features like caching and lazy connections (just to name a few), helping developers write database opera

  • Phpliteadmin 1.9.5

    If you ever worked with phpMyAdmin, then you'll be comfortable working with phpLiteAdmin, a pretty straight-forward clone of what phpMyAdmin means to MySQL.phpLiteAdmin works practically the same way, allowing developers to manage one or more SQLite

  • Sypex Dumper 2.0.11

    Sypex Dumper is a quick and extremely easy to use Web-based solution for managing MySQL databases.This little script can handle everything from boring maintenance tasks up to pretty crucial troubleshooting duties a developer might have.Sypex Dumper d

  • Php Differ

    Tools that have been used to created PHP Differ include jQuery, Bootstrap, objectDiff and the Fabrico template engine.Installation and Usage:1. Download and unzip the script.2. Move to a Web server.3. Edit the config.php file in the /config folder to

  • Predis 0.8.5

    In simpler terms Predis is just a PHP abstraction layer for Redis.This means developers can use PHP-specific syntax to create & run database queries and retrieve query results at the same time.Predis allows them to focus on their PHP skills without h

  • Respect\data 0.2.1

    Respect\Data allows developers to map out a database's stored data using a PHP-friendly syntax, regardless of the database system.Respect\Data works with both relational databases and NoSQL data systems. Here are some key features of "Respe

  • Respect\relational 0.5.1

    Respect\Relational works with any PDO database layer.It allows developers to save not only data, but queries and data states persistently.Usage instructions are included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Respect\Rela

  • Simplecrud

    SimpleCrud works the same way any DB abstraction layer works, setting up an interface that simplifies running database transactions and lets the developer focus on his app instead of the correctness of SQL statements.Usage instructions are included w

  • Notorm 2011-10-10

    NotORM was developed to allow developers to interact with SQL databases using native PHP code, with as less SQL code needed as possible.When tested in real environments, NotORM ran faster than native drivers. Here are some key features of "NotORM":&#

  • Mingo 0.9.1

    Mingo was developed to bring some of the NoSQL feature to normal relative SQL databases.Mingo sets up an API for translating table data to a key-value pairing system.This leads to a schema-less database abstraction layer, a lot more speedy queries an

  • Class-db 2011-04-19

    For now it supports SQLite and MySQL databases, allowing developers to interact, query and retrieve results with ease.Class-db is useful because it allows the developer to avoid writing pure SQL syntax and rely only on PHP code to trigger and run SQL

  • Medoo 0.8.1

    Medoo provides a way for PHP developers to abstract database queries and other interactions via PHP code.Medoo works with MySQL, MSSQL and SQLite databases.The ORM is also packed with an SQL injection mechanism to prevent it from external attacks. Re

  • Querysniffer

    QuerySniffer provides an introspective on what happens inside a PHP database enabled app.It allows developers to track their database queries and see what and where went wrong with their app.QuerySniffer can be a valuable debugging tool for PHP devel

  • Mysql_revisioning

    The concept of "versioning" hit mainstream development with CMSs, as a way to go back in time to previous versions of the article.MySQL_Revisioning is a simple way of implementing the same principle, but for MySQL databases.The class does not store d

  • Dbquery-mysql 1.0.0

    DBQuery-MySQL can be used in building, splitting and/or modifying any MySQL database queries.It is a PHP library for smoother and faster database interactions, with security and easy usage in mind.DBQuery-MySQL can be used on its own, or in conjuncti

  • Db-mysql 1.1.1

    DB-MySQL was written to allow a more advanced database querying system for PHP developers when dealing with a MySQL database.To help developers get started, documentation is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "DB-MySQL"

  • Cushion

    CouchDB is a document-oriented database developed at the Apache Software Foundation, written in Erlang. Cushion, written in the form of a PHP class, allows easy communication between PHP code and a CouchDB database. Requirements:· Apache CouchDB

  • Php-mysql-wrapper

    PHP-MySQL-Wrapper implements an ActiveRecord-like system for PHP when dealing with MySQL database interactions.A special class for CodeIgniter-based apps and websites is also available.Documentation is provided as code comments.

  • Phpretrieve 0.9

    phpRetrieve allows database administrators to easily build SQL queries and interrogate the database for desired data.All database interfacing is done via a Web interface, accessible through the browser. Here are some key features of "phpRetrieve":

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