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  • Opencall 1.0

    Opencall was built using open source technologies like the Symfony PHP framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL, Redis, ZeroMQ, and Plivo. Opencall works by interconnecting a Web server with a Plivo account, allowing users to keep track or incoming calls,

  • Zurmo 2.7.0

    Zurmo is a CRM app built with technologies like jQuery, Yii, and RedBeanPHP, developed with the goal of helping business owners move online their employee and commercial activity management applications.The entire system is extremely easy to install

  • Jet Help Desk 1.01

    Jet Help Desk is a very lightweight help desk system developed on top of PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap.Featuring a very minimal interface, focusing on the problem at hand, Jet Help Desk allows clients to add a new ticket without having to be registered,

  • Aj Help Desk

    AJ Help Desk will help developers provide better client support for any of their online services or other related products.AJ Help Desk was specifically designed to cover a wide range of problems that usually occur when selling products and services

  • Support Request Tool 1.0

    Support Request Tool was inspired by Google+'s feedback mechanism where users can select a section of the page using their mouse and give feedback to Google developers.Just as the original script, Support Request Tool takes a screengrab of the user's

  • Dolibarr 3.3.1 / 3.4.0 Alpha

    Dolibarr is a powerful system for companies to manage their business, customers and potential prospects via a simple Web-based interface.The entire system is very configurable and can be adapted from small, to medium and even very large companies.It

  • Obugger 0.26alpha

    Installation instructions are provided with the download package. Basic functionality like adding and managing issues/bugs is supported out-of-the-box.Additional features will be supported by plugins (in the future). Requirements:· PHP 5 or high

  • Ikode Service Desk X 2.0

    Can be used to provide support to an online community, by solving tickets, adding a comprehensive FAQ section and interacting with users via emails. Here are some key features of "iKode Service Desk X":· Easy to use· 100% web-based· Cr

  • Buglite 2011.b

    Can be used for support centers, code developing projects or providing any kind of help for clients. Here are some key features of "BugLite":· PHP web-based user interface.· SQLite database: no MySql setup. Uses local SQLite engine.· S

  • Aims 2.6.0

    OneOrZero Action and Information Management System (AIMS) includes OneOrZero Help Desk, OneOrZero Time Manager, OneOrZero Knowledge base and OneOrZero Report Manager.OneOrZero AIMS is a powerful enterprise ready help desk with a knowledge base, time

  • Supportickets

    It can't be easier to receive trouble tickets from customers. The support tickets system comes with 3 interfaces, External, Onsite, Integration.There is an administration backend from where a user can reply to tickets, assign staff privileges, get st

  • Lippu v0.0

    This help desk was originally designed for light usage in a school, allowing staff to report computing problems and requests directly to the IT department.It stores all data inside XML files, so it can be installed and used in mediums where SQL appli

  • Mytestimony

    Access is granted to a back-end admin interface were the admin can approve of un-approve comments posted by clients on his page. Here are some key features of "mytestimony":· Easy to install and configure· Clients or visitors can give in us

  • Testimonial Manager V1.0

    With this later version, visitors on a webpage can add a testimonial about certain services. All testimonials have to be approved by the administrators. Here are some key features of "Testimonial Manager":· Easy Installation· Easily Customi

  • Moyobase 1.0

    It can be used as a customer support platform, CRM, intranet, live desktop support and more.One of the best features in Moyobase is the possibility to define custom forms and folders. In minutes, the developer can setup a system perfectly adapted to

  • Php Store Locator

    It uses the Google Maps API to display results and print out directions.Store Locator is very flexable and can be integrated into any website.Webmasters can create and manage locations from an ajax administration panel. Requirements:· PHP 5 or h

  • Ultimate Client Manager Lite Edition

    It allows storing of client and website details, tracking of payment methods and creating multiple users for commercial and different PR or management tasks.Installation:Unzip the fileConfigure the database by modifying the /includes/config.php fileP

  • Trouble Ticket Tracker 2.0

    The application integrates with the eCRM practices in order to achieve an efficient helpdesk application.Trouble Ticket Tracker is intended for the administrators who are responsible for managing the customer support for the organization. Trouble Tic

  • Supportportal 3.0

    It can be used to set up both internal and external help desks, call centers, contact centers or Web portals.It allows any business or work group to assign ticket and issues, manage incoming and outgoing e-mails, streamline workflow, provide live cha

  • Php Easy Ticket And Help System 1.1

    The support tickets gets stored in a MySQL database. The class can perform several types of operations on the tickets, like: manage user login sessions, display submitted tickets, mark tickets as read, reply to tickets, submit new tickets, delete tic

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