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  • Php Comments Script

    PHP Comments Script allows developers to embed and run a no-thrills, no-problems user feedback system on any of their sites.The script relies on PHP and a flat-file comments storing system (plain text files) to work. PHP Comments Script can be used a

  • Irc Class

    IRC Class can allow a PHP-based app to talk to an IRC server.Includes support for:-connecting to IRC channels-closing the connection when needed-setting an username-setting up a password-showing the read buffer-talking in the chat room-joining specif

  • Php-amqplib 2.0.2

    AMQP stands for Advanced Message Queuing Protocol and is an open standard protocol for message-oriented middleware. Heavily tested with RabbitMQ.Used in production environments for sending and/or consuming over 600 000 messages/day. Requirements:

  • Pami 1.70.1

    As a stand-alone, this is a set of PHP classes that will allow users to build interface components for various Asterisk functions.Very suitable for development of operator consoles and/or Asterisk channels peers monitoring through SOA, etc.. Requirem

  • Insanityville’s Simple Yahoo Status Checker 0.1

    It uses Yahoo's own API and a PHP class to check the user's status.

  • Jabbim-status 1.20

    It will retrieve and display the status of an user's account. Here are some key features of "Jabbim-Status":The status can be shown as:· A full XHTML version· An image version (extra status is not included — clear background prefered)

  • X10 Msn Blocker

    The user needs to write his MSN account and password, the system will process the information and within a few seconds will get the list of users who have done that. Here are some key features of "x10 MSN Blocker":· While the visitor is checking

  • Openucf 0.3.6

    Openucf stands for Open Unified Communications Framework.The tool can be used besides certain other applications to setup and manage VoIPcommunication channels.

  • Swapecaster 0.9

    Pointing a podcast program to the the feed.php file and it will automatically generate a podcast feed.InstallationUnzip the files and upload them to the web server Place the music/video files under the "files/" directory

  • Sms2impress 1.1a

    Do you run a website where response time is of the essence or maybe you? Are you tired of waiting by your PC for those enquiries to arrive? With SMS2Impress you can receive instant notifications sent to your mobile/cell phone as soon as they arr

  • Sealerts 2.0

    SeAlerts is a SMS and email notification system.Features: - Users can establish categories for subscribers. - Send SMS (text messages) or personalized emails to subscribers of each category. - Can be setup to be a paid or free service system. You can

  • Headwind Sms Suite

    Sending SMS from PHP is an engine sending short messages directly from a PHP script.An engine sending short messages directly from a PHP script is very useful for webmasters. Headwind SMS Suite may be used to send SMS from the website in two manners.

  • Flashcoms Profile Recorder

    Flashcoms Profile Recorder enables your websites users to record and play back their video/audio messages on your website without any additional software required. Easily integrated with users database Profile Recorder can be used for recording perso

  • Milldo Contact Grabber 1.0

    This tool is using PHP and acts like a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Gmail contact (address) book grabber / importer. Your server must support PHP CURL library with openSSL. You will need CURL for PHP to get access to https pages, if your PHP don't have CU

  • Ipinvite Php Contacts Importer

    iPInvite PHP Contacts Importer is a marketing tool which webmasters can implement on their websites to allow members and guests to invite their friends directly from the ISP's address book.Features• Support 15 services including Live Mail, Yahoo

  • Private Message System 2.3.0

    Works similarly to a webmail system, but faster.Persons can view a list of messages and even reply to them.Can be integrated with any forum or CMS.

  • Invisionix Roaming System Im 0.1

    Invisionix Systems' portable Instant Messenger (IRSIM) uses PHP and mySQL. This Open Source program interacts with ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber IMs. It features database message buffers, login, a contact list, and message input/output windows. Fea

  • Playsms 0.9.4

    PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that can be modified to fit to various services such as personal messaging systems, SMS gateway, corporate and group communication tools. Here are some key features of "PlaySMS":· Multiple dat

  • Php2sms 1.1

    PHP2SMS is a PHP script that send text messages to mobile phone using WWW->SMS gateways. It acts as a Web browser to send the message and can send message to cell phones using e-mail (most networks support this form of submission). The script is

  • Php Efax 1.0

    This PHP class lets you send faxes electronically from your Internet Server. That is, send electronic documents through the Internet to a regular fax machine on a standard phone line! Processing is usually instantaneous. Here's how it works: - Insert

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