• Hostcms 6.1.3

    When you first come across HostCMS it might intimidate and deter you away from using it. This is it because it was developed by a Russian team and its homepage is in Russian. But if you take the time to install and configure it, HostCMS can easily be

  • Magix Cms 2.5.0

    Magix CMS is a simple website builder, a tool that lets users create, publish, and later on manage a website via a graphical visual interface.Coded to work on top of technologies like PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Smarty, and the GD 

  • Free Cms 1.5 (Revision: 20140204)

    You can easily drop Free CMS on a Web server, access it via the browser, and have a website up and running within minutes.Free CMS will provide an administration dashboard from where developers can add their pages, send newsletters, manage site theme

  • Secretary 2.3

    The Secretary CMS is what experts call a "niche" product. A CMS specialized in displaying project-based content first, and the regular text-based data like news, blogs or pages.Exactly what's needed to highlight the activity of a graphic artist or We

  • Web Pro Manager 1.18

    Web Pro Manager takes a much simpler approach to building and editing websites than other CMS scripts do, with a far more easier to use backend and a much simplified interface.While most CMSs try to be the best in the branch, the end-all, be-all solu

  • Simple Cms Php 1.1

    Simple CMS PHP uses an unique system for building websites.While it provides an installation wizard to help webmasters setup the CMS core and an administration panel to create, edit and delete pages, the way it publishes them is different from other

  • Infinitas Cms 0.9b

    Out of the box, Infinitas CMS doesn't provide that many features, but it adds all the management options developers will need out of their CMS script.This includes user management, templated layouts, content administration, comments moderation, etc..

  • Cmsimple_xh 1.6.1

    CMSimple_XH is a version of CMSimple. It was forked from the original codebase around 2006, when the original CMSimple project development went idle and almost stopped.CMSimple_XH kept development on the CMS going, but from a different perspective an

  • Fast Edit 1.0

    Fast Edit comes in three versions, for various usage scenarios:-Default-Mini-BEThe default Fast Edit package contains an admin panel where admins can manage the site's pages using a WYSIWYG editor, the page's layouts and local stored files, images an

  • Morfy 1.0.5

    The Morfy CMS is a very lightweight system for creating dynamic websites using PHP, Markdown and a simple desktop text editor.Instead of relying on slow-loading administration panels, Morfy uses the same principles of static site generators, storing

  • Couchcms 1.4

    CouchCMS is not your ordinary CMS. CouchCMS doesn't create websites from scratch like most CMSs do, but helps webmasters add CMS features to static HTML templates.After downloading and unzipping the CouchCMS package, just add the "/couch" folder to y

  • Sitemagic Cms 2013

    Sitemagic CMS was created to provide a visual administration interface for small projects.Relying on local XML files to store data, Sitemagic websites are incredibly fast and can easily be extended with modules to provide more management features.In

  • Windu Cms 3.0

    Windu CMS is one of the best looking CMS scripts you'll find around.Benefiting from an absolutely stunning administration panel, Windu makes the task of managing the site a pure pleasure for administrators and editors alike.The overall admin panel mi

  • Papaya Cms 5.6

    papaya CMS is a high-end product that can be used to manage medium to large websites, being ideal for powering enterprise solutions.The CMS is pretty difficult to install without some advanced PHP knowledge but works great and can be a really profess

  • Recordpress 0.3.1

    Heavily inspired by some of WordPress' earlier versions, RecordPress aims to provide a simple Web-based tool for managing a record inventory.Admins will be able to create music genres and start adding their records to the RecordPress database.Once fi

  • Sum Cms 1.3

    For developers looking for a small CMS, something to quickly install and get their website off and running, Sum CMS is a great tool to look at.With a dashboard and UI inspired by WordPress, Sum CMS includes all the basic features you'd expect to find

  • Kmita Admin 2.0

    Kmita Admin is basically an admin panel for any Web-based application or static website.Kmita Admin is only the core technology that powers a backend section of a site, managing core settings, user permissions and a powerful plugin system.This later

  • Cmsimple Classic 3.54

    Because sometimes your clients use their own hosting providers or their own Web hosting servers, as a developer you may be forced to work with older PHP versions.In these cases, using a more modern CMS is totally out of the question, most modern PHP

  • Coolms 0.4.1

    CoolMS is a pretty small CMS, developed as an experiment to see if the Nette Framework is powerful enough to handle running a CMS. Nevertheless, CoolMS is still a pretty useful toolkit for building smaller scale websites.The CMS includes all the basi

  • Balero Cms 0.7.2

    At first glance Balero CMS is not gonna be a replacement for WordPress or Joomla in the upcoming future, but it wasn't meant to be in the first place.Balero CMS was built especially to work with smaller websites, projects where you have to manage up

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